KSW announces a new broadcast deal and Main Event

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KSW just held a press conference in Champions restaurant placed in the centre of Warsaw. The biggest news that came from it is confirmation of weekend rumours that KSW and one of the biggest TV stations in Poland, Polsat, will part ways in favor of the online streaming platform, Viaplay. The conference began with KSW owners and Viaplay representatives. 

The new partnership will kick off with KSW 65, which will take place on December 18th. The promotion’s owners, Maciej Kawulski and Martin Lewandowski have announced that KSW will hold 12 events next year with all being shown on Viaplay. KSW events will be available under the regular platform’s subscription.  There will be a new broadcasting team for Poland. Viaplay is also available in the following countries: Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Iceland, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, and the Netherlands. As stated by Kawulski, there’s a chance that KSW produced reality show ‘Only one’ and bare-knuckle boxing event ‘Genesis’ will come to a new partner platform. Martin Lewandowski added, that KSW.TV isn’t going case to exist, but it will still function as a platform targeted to markets that are outside of Viaplay’s reach. 

Viaplay’s representative, Runde Kudsen, was asked about the stream quality and answered that the events will be presented in 720p, 50 fps. 

Next, the fighters participating in KSW 65 Main Event, a KSW Welterweight Champion, Roberto Soldic, and KSW Middleweight champion, Mamed Khalidov came to the stage. They were accompanied by participants of the KSW 66 Main Event between KSW Lightweight champion, Marian Ziółkowski, and challenger – Borys Mankowski. The event will take place on January 15th of next year. All of them have answered questions asked by press representatives.   

Khalidov has stated, that he wasn’t feeling happy for the last 5 years, and the motivation came back just before fighting against Scott Askham last October when he won the KSW Welterweight title. For Soldic fighting legend like Khalidov is a big challenge. He’s training every day and that’s what brought him to this point, where he’s now. Soldic was also asked about what will come next when he’ll become a double champion, but he answered that he doesn’t know and he will think about it after the fight. Soldic was asked about his preparation with Gegard Mousasi. Croatian answered that he has grown both as a person and as a fighter under his tutelage. He asked MMA legend to help him in his preparation to fight Khalidov.

Borys Mankowski has stated that he’s gunning at Marian Ziółkowski because he has a belt, and now he wants it. Ziółkowki replied that he’s happy to fight a KSW legend like Borys Mańskowski. For him is a jump to the next level when it comes to popularity. The challenger was asked how he feels at the current stage of his career and in his words, he’s still motivated and he feels that he can do big things, winning the belt included. He’s feeling phenomenal.

Ziółowski had to answer the question about the pressure and if he will thrive under it. He stated that he’s used to fighting under pressure and brought the fight against Mateusz Gamrot, who was preparing in ATT with likes of Jorge Masvidal and Dustin Poirier. And Mańkowski’s tour to ATT doesn’t shake him. He’s ready for Mankowski in his top shape

After the q’n’a session, there was a face to face stand-offs. 

Featured Image courtesy of KSW Twitter.

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