Tommy Fury Out of Jake Paul Fight – Tyron Woodley to get Rematch

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It looks like Tyron Woodley will get his wish granted and he will meet Jake Paul in the boxing ring again. It was announced that superstar celebrity Tommy Fury has withdrawn from the scheduled fight with the younger Paul brother due to a medical condition. Now the rematch between Paul and former UFC welterweight champion will take place on December 18th, at Amalie Arena in Tampa, Florida.

In his video posted on Twitter Paul shed a light on the whole situation:

In Jake Paul’s words, Tommy Fury was too scared to go through with the fight. Now the brother of world heavyweight champion, Tyson Fury, will have to pay $60 to watch an occurring matchup, instead of being paid millions for fighting in the ring. Tyron Woodley agreed to take his place and Paul has promised to pay his opponent $ 500, 000 if he manages to knock him out. The Youtuber turned boxer with 4 – 0 record has declared, that he’s also will be looking to send Woodley to the ring canvas.

The rematch will be the second meeting of both fighters this year, with the first one happening in August at a Showtime event in Cleveland. Paul has won this bout with a split decision coming after eight-round of boxing action. Woodley has demanded a rematch and Paul agreed to it on the condition, that he will follow their pre-fight bet where the loser was obligated to have the winner’s name tattooed on his body.

Ex UFC fighter met the condition with the ‘I love Jake Paul’ tattoo placed on his middle finger. Even then Paul wasn’t willing to keep his word and chose a fight with Tommy Fury instead. After his withdrawal, Woodley gets another second chance to prove his in-ring superiority over Paul.

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