Szymon Kołecki has a three major contract offers

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It looks like former Olympian and KSW veteran, Szymon Kołecki may be getting closer to signing a deal with a new employer, thus putting an end to his free agency. In his recent interview with Sportowe Fakty (Sports Facts) website, a former weightlifter has stated that negotiations are underway, and there are three major offers that he’s considering.  

There are three important offers, that meet my financial expectations. If, however, I would decide to continue my adventure with MMA for a lesser salary, a few other offers are also on the table. Only Polish organizations are involved.

One of these other offers came from FEN promotion. Kołecki said, that he spoke briefly with FEN’s official, Paweł Jóźwiak and he was assured that the promotion is willing to meet his financial expectations and the negotiations would continue after FEN 37 PPV numbers come in. However, Kołecki isn’t sure that FEN has an opponent for him after Michał Materla signed a new deal with KSW.  

What’s interesting is the fact, that Kołecki has not one, but two managers representing him in the negotiation process. He himself is focusing more on his personal life – all of his four children had a birthday celebration one after another, and now the whole family is preparing for his wife’s birthday. On the other hand, he’s mourning after the death of his weightlifting coach, Igor Grikurow. So Kołecki left everything in hands of his managers, and he wants to be noticed when negotiations will enter the stage that concerns particular opponent, date, and salary.  

There is a possibility, that there are negotiations going with Fame MMA, a promotion based on matchups between YouTubers and other Internet celebrities. Kołecki was asked if he would be interested in a boxing bout with Don Kasjo, a former amateur boxer who has become one of Polish most notorious celebrities and has a win over UFC veteran Marcin Wrzosek

It would not make sense to make it an MMA bout, because I would be a strong favorite. It would be more interesting in boxing and the chances would be different. I think every fan would have a theory about a possible outcome. I would definitely prepare myself thoroughly for this bout and I could take up such a challenge.

Fame MMA is infamous for promotions’ media events full of trash talking and vulgar behaviour of fighters and sometimes officials. Some would question if Kołecki could fit in that kind of atmosphere. He himself stated that he would do things his way and he doesn’t need that kind of antics. He also wouldn’t participate in any unique matchup such as a bare-knuckle MMA fight held inside “Roman Cage” (a 10 x 10 feet square cage). Kołecki said that the cage itself isn’t an issue as rather he’s not interested in bare-knuckle fighting. 

Asked how long he thinks it will take to get to signing any kind of a deal, Kołecki answered that he’s focusing on rehabilitation and when he will that’s he’s ready to get on the higher gear he will ask his managers to push negotiations into the final stage. 

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