Megan Anderson Gives Update on Fight Career

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Megan Anderson has provided a much-awaited update on her fighting career. However, it isn’t one that most of her fans were expecting.

Posting on her Instagram, Anderson announced that she has no upcoming plans to get back into the cage. “I’m not saying that I will never fight again,” the Australian said in her post, “but at this point in my life, I’m loving everything else I’m doing.”

“I’m currently not affiliated with any gym, I’m not signed to any promotion right now and haven’t been pursuing a new fight contract,” Anderson continued.

The former Invicta Featherweight Champion hasn’t fought since her attempt at UFC gold in March of 2021 against Amanda Nunez via a first-round armbar at UFC 259. Instead, the Australian has grown a career as a video game streamer on the popular streaming website Twitch and is on the commentating team in Invicta.

Megan Anderson began her career at Invicta in 2015 and claimed the coveted Invicta crown in Invicta 21 with a head kick knockout against Charmaine Tweet in round two. Despite losing in her debut, she went on to obtain a three-fight streak – all via knockouts – before fighting for the championship belt and crown.

The Australian then moved over to the UFC in 2018, debuting at UFC 225 against Holly Holm. While her debut in the UFC reflected her one in Invicta, Anderson’s UFC career contained several very impressive first-round knockouts. She left the UFC with a 10-5 record.

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