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5 Classic MMA Bangers You Can Watch for Free

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For a lot of people, it has become increasingly complex to watch MMA legally. But whether you are looking to get into watching the sport, or are already invested and want to check out some old classics, MMASucka has gathered together some MMA free-sources for fans to view. These fights cover a wide variety of periods in MMA history but they are all must-see classics that both new and old fans can enjoy.

5 Classic MMA Bangers – Bas Rutten vs Masakatsu Funaki II

Promotion: Pancrase
Year: 1996

One of the best fights of the era before the rules of MMA began to be consolidated, Rutten vs Funaki II is a stone-cold classic. On one side was the Dutch kickboxer Bas Rutten, who had displayed both ferocious bodywork and palm strikes while gradually picking up steam as a grappler over the course of his career. On the other side the promotional co-founder Masakatsu Funaki, who had started out as a submission ace with lightning-fast takedowns and who had rounded out his skillset with a striking repertoire.  Both men were oozing charisma from every pore and despite being technically outdated by today’s standards, the fight still impresses with its drama and grandeur.

The fight can be watched at this link on Pancrase’s official YouTube channel, though Bas Rutten also has uploaded the fight with his own commentary here.

5 Classic MMA Bangers – Mamed Khalidov vs Tomasz Narkun I

Promotion: KSW
Year: 2018

For years one of the best middleweights in the world was nowhere near the UFC, but in Poland – KSW’s long-reigning middleweight champion Mamed Khalidov. Khalidov had fought all over the world, in Europe, Japan, and America. But his prime stomping ground was his homeland of Poland, where his undeniable skill and finishing ability made him a superstar. Khalidov was on a 14-fight, seven-year winning streak when he agreed to a catchweight superfight with KSW’s then light heavyweight champion, Tomasz Narkun, in an exhilarating bout that would alter the course of both men’s careers.

The fight can be watched at this link on KSW’s official YouTube channel.

5 Classic MMA Bangers – Fedor Emelianenko vs Blagoy Ivanov II

Promotion: Combat Sambo World Championships
Year: 2008

Technically this is not MMA, but Combat Sambo is extremely similar to MMA and this fight would become famous. Fedor Emelianenko needs little introduction; the Russian heavyweight had run roughshod through the MMA scene across RINGS and PRIDE, mauling all opposition in his path, including such talents as Antonio Rodrigo Nogueira and Mirko “Cro Cop” Filipovic. He was also totally undefeated in the jacketed martial art equivalent of MMA, Combat Sambo. In 2008 he would fight the dangerous Bulgarian judoka turned Sambo practitioner Blagoy Ivanov. They would cross swords twice that year, with Emelianenko taking the victory in February by a hard-fought decision. But when they would clash in November of that year Ivanov was prepared to test “The Last Emperor” to his absolute limits.

The fight can be watched at this link on the MMA Bulgaria YouTube channel (Emelianenko is in the blue jacket, Ivanov in the red jacket).

5 Classic MMA Bangers – Caol Uno vs Rumina Sato I

Promotion: Shooto
Year: 1999

Rumina Sato is not only one of the most entertaining fighters Shooto ever produced, he is one of the most entertaining fighters MMA ever produced. Three words – flying submission specialist. He had an incredibly shining career, which at the time of this fight had not yet acquired its tragic edge. His opposite number was Caol Uno, a dangerous fighter himself who would go on to compete for the lightweight belt in the UFC twice, but someone who had yet to make his own name stand out – before this fight, that is. The battle would bring the best out of both men in a rollercoaster that’s a true classic of old-school Shooto.

The fight has been dubbed over with commentary by the esteemed Jimmy Smith, who has posted it on his personal YouTube channel here.

5 Classic MMA Bangers – Don Frye vs Yoshihiro Takayama

Promotion: PRIDE FC
Year: 2002

You either know why this fight is here or you don’t. If you don’t, you owe it to not only yourself to watch it but to these two men. If you do know why it’s here, you’re probably feeling the urge to rewatch it. The UFC’s YouTube channel has you covered, either way. One of the greatest slugfests in the history of the sport. UFC Ultimate Ultimate 96 tournament champion Don Frye took on career pro wrestler Yoshihiro Takayama in one of PRIDE FC’s signature matches. This is not a technical showcase, it is just pure violence.

In 2017 Takayama would unfortunately meet with a tragic injury in a pro wrestling match that left him paralyzed, though he has made some progress in terms of his rehabilitation and can now move with assistance. One of the DLC for Fire Pro Wrestling World contributes to his health fund if you own that game and are interested.

If you wish to watch all five fights sequentially, just click this playlist.

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