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“I started with martial arts when I was seven years old” – Ross Levine Discusses Karate Combat Championship Win

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“Earned… I’ve been working a long time for that.” ‘Turbo’ Ross Levine recently defeated Shahin Atamov to capture the Karate Combat world championship. After a lifetime in martial arts and kickboxing, Levine joined Karate Combat after a recommendation from all-time great Georges St-Pierre. Now, he is the World Middleweight Champion and undefeated at 7-0. ‘Turbo’ took some time to discuss his philosophy on martial arts and winning karate championships in an interview with Tim Wheaton of MMA Sucka.

“Everything I’ve talked about in the past, being a part of Karate Combat kind of brought my career full circle,” Levine continues, “I started with martial arts. A lot of people they see me now and they don’t think I’m a traditional martial artist because they see a lot of my kickboxing.” Levine had previously competed in GLORY Kickboxing in which he had earned knockout of the year in 2018, “Some of the comments on like YouTube are like he doesn’t even do karate, it’s like where you guys been?… I started with martial arts when I was seven years old so this is 20 plus years of me you know accruing all the skills that have brought me to this point to where I can finally  become a legitimate world champion, I love it.”

Watch the full interview below:

Karate Combat World Champion ‘Turbo’ Ross Levine

In this his world championship bout against Atamov, Levine was poked in the eye, did not get a break, and then his opponent grabbed his belt to hold him. ‘Turbo’ corrected Tim on this and pointed out he accidentally poked himself in the eye. “Funny story about the eye poke… I poked myself. I had to try and play it off I couldn’t see um but yeah I poked myself in the eye.”

Referee Marc Goddard rightfully did not call a stop to the bout. Although, Levine’s opponent did offer some reprise with the belt grab. The world champion explains, “Actually, him grabbing my belt happened just after that. And it gave me a chance to like stop and wipe my eye and like get myself and get my bearings together. So thanks Shahin, I appreciate that.”

“Every good decision that has happened in my life has stemmed from either a value that I’ve learned or cherished through martial arts training,” Levine also discusses the benefits of spending a lifetime in martial arts, “Literally everything that I’ve developed as a kid is coming to fruition now. Whether it was in my studies, I was in grad school and I had to put all that into play. Or just the way I deal with relationships, the way I deal with my work job… Everything has revolved around martial arts and the warrior way, Bushido.  It’s just stuff that I’ve developed as a kid. I still remember the aims to achieve; courtesy, integrity, self-control perseverance, and indomitable spirit, that’s the way I live. I try and preach that to everybody else as well.”

After a lifetime in martial arts, he has reached the apex; winning a Karate Combat World Championship. ‘Turbo’ Ross Levine will be fighting again in the organization later on although no fight is yet officially scheduled. In the meantime, check out his championship fight against Shahin Atamov below.

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