DEEP JEWELS 38 Matchups Announced

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DEEP JEWELS 38 will feature seven professional fights and three amateur bouts. The all-women fight card is scheduled to take place on September 11th at Tokyo New Pier Hall. 

DEEP JEWELS 38 Fight Card Revealed

Aya Murakami vs. Moeri Suda

In a atomweight rematch, Aya Murakami will take on Moeri Suda. They met before in October 2020 in a fight that served as their professional debut for both of them. Murakami won by the judges’ decision after a bout that featured many jiu-jitsu techniques.

This came as no surprise as both of them have a BJJ background. Murakami is the 2018 All Japan Jiu-Jitsu Champion and 2018 Asian Jiu-Jitsu Champion in the Brown Belt division. After defeating Suda in her professional debut, she won all of her next three fights in the very first round using the same technique, the armbar.  

Suda has been more active on the competitive circuit and even enjoyed a five-fight winning streak that was put to an end by Saori Oshima at DEEP JEWELS 37. She bounced back by submitting Mizuki Oshiro at RIZIN 36. 

Kate ‘Lotus’ Oyama vs. Eru Takebayashi 

Lotus has a Judo and Shit-ryu karate background. She also works as a bodybuilding instructor. She won only two out of six fights and is currently on a two-fight losing skid. 

Takebayashi also has a karate background and she has won the All Japan Junior RF Martial Arts Karate Championship in Junior High School Girls Division. Despite being 19 years old, she has quite experience as she already has 5 fights under her belt. She made her debut at RIZIN 26, where she faced then 17-year-old Sakura Mori. She lost to the overweight opponent by an armbar, but the fight was overturned to a no-contest. She’s also on a two-fight losing streak. 

This fight will be contested in 2, 5 minutes rounds. 

Mizuki Furuse vs. Momoko Yamazaki

Furuse has a Judo background and made her professional debut back in 2017 at the age of 16. She bounced back between some wins and losses and her biggest achievement to date is making her way to the finals to DEEP JEWELS Micro Class Tournament by defeating VALKYRIE women’s flyweight champion Yasuko Tamada in the process. However, the final bout was canceled due to COVID related issues. In her only RIZIN appearance, she lost to Kana Asakura at RIZIN 22. 

Yamazaki picked up the interest in martial arts due to being a victim of bullying in junior high school. She gained her first competitive experience in both THE OUTSIDER and DEEP JEWELS amateur circuits. Her amateur record is 4 wins and 4 loses. After making her professional debut she became a DEEP JEWELS regular and has 3 – 2 record and currently is on a two-fight winning streak. 

This fight will be contested in 2, 5 minutes rounds.

Mika Nagano vs. Tomoko Inoue

Nagano has a 17 – 12 – 1 professional record and made her debut way back in 2007 in the now-defunct Smackgirl promotion. In her debut, she lost to JMMA women pioneer, Megumi Fuji. Since then, she has fought almost exclusively for DEEP JEWELS and its’ predecessor, the JEWELS promotion. She retired back in 2013 but made her come back three years later. She lost to Miyu Yamamoto at RIZIN 14 and went on a four-fight winning streak. She bounced back by submitting Oyama at DEEP JEWELS 37. 

Inoue is a 2021 IBJJF All Japan Master 2 Brown Belt champion in the featherweight division. She made her professional MMA debut in February 2020 and lost all of her three fights. 

This fight will be contested in 2, 5 minutes rounds.

Kyoka ‘Chibisai’ Minagawa vs. Kimika Jaka

Minagawa had no prior sports experience but began to train BJJ after graduating junior high school. She won the 2020 North Japan Amateur Shooto Championship in the Atomweight division and obtained her professional Shooto license. However, she never got a match on the professional Shooto circuit and so she made a jump to DEEP JEWELS at DEEP TOKYO IMPACT 2021.  She lost all of her three fights, but made the local news anyway as the second female professional fighter in Niigata Prefecture. 

Jaka is an acclaimed grappler, who won medals at various competitions. She won her only professional fight that took place at DEEP TOKYO IMPACT 2022 4TH ROUND by defeating Runa Kawai

This fight will be contested in 2, 5 minutes rounds.

Yuko Kiryu vs. Namiko ‘HIME’ Kawabata

Kiryu is one of the more experienced fighters on the card as she has a 12 – 8 professional record and currently rides a five-fight winning streak stacked in both DEEP JEWELS and ONE Warrior Series. Most recently she defeated Emi Tomimatsu at DEEP TOKY IMPACT 2002, 4TH ROUND. 

HIME made her professional debut by defeating Kate Lotus back in March 2021. Since then she won two out of three fights most recently defeating Saori Oshima at DEEP JEWELS 36.

Kiryu’s goal is to make her way to the RIZIN’s ring and she wants to make a statement by beating HIME, who defeated RIZIN alumni, Oshima.

This fight will be contested in 2, 5 minutes rounds.

Aoi Kuriyama vs. Tae ‘Te-a’ Murayama

Kuriyama has a 2 – 4 – 1 professional record and has not won a fight since 2020. She is currently on a three-fight losing streak with her most recent fight ending with a draw. It was featured at Pancrase 328, where she fought Nori Date

Te-a is a former member of the Self-Defense Force and she studied martial arts under the guidance of her instructor. She was discharged in order to become a professional fighter. She made her professional debut at DEEP TOKYO IMPACT 2021, where she submitted Marina Kumagai. She currently suffers a two-fight losing streak as both Miura and Nakai were able to submit her with the same technique, the armbar. 

This fight will be contested in 2, 5 minutes rounds.

DEEP JEWELS 38 will also feature the following amateur fights. Each bout will be contested under the amateur ruleset in 2, 3 minutes rounds:

Momoka Yoshikawa vs.Misaki Suda 

Suzuki ‘BOSS’ Haruka vs. Serina Kondo

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