“KSI knocks out Alex” – KSI Training Insider Details Fight Camp Rumours

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KSI has been out of the boxing ring for almost three years. He stepped away from boxing to focus on his music career after winning a rematch with rival-turned-partner Logan Paul in 2019 but claims he hasn’t stopped training in his absence. Alex Wassabi, who has never competed as a professional, is coming off a split decision win against KSI’s brother Deji in March. He has traded call-outs with KSI for years, and now with the revenge storyline in place—the bout has been booked. KSI is training at Shootfighters London under Alexis Demetriades after parting ways with previous head coach Viddal Riley. He has kept details of his camp sparse in an attempt to conceal the style he has developed at the new gym.

However, an insider, who wishes to remain anonymous, has provided previously unknown details of KSI’s training camp to

KSI Honing his Style at Shootfighters London

Where a fighter trains is often telling of their style. KSI has the resources to choose whichever gym he wants, so his choice to set up camp at Shootfighters should indicate how he will fight.

At Shootfighters, they brush up your technique, and they make sure every punch you throw is with bad, bad, bad intentions,” the source said of what the curriculum is like in the gym.

KSI has previously been heavily criticized for his lack of technique but has never been short of bad intentions in the ring.

“I think when he went to the Mayweather gym, they tried to make him slick,” he said. “Over here suits him more.”

If I had to put three together, I’d say Hagler; Charlo, and Nigel Benn,” the source said when asked to compare the new-look KSI to another fighter. “If he was heavier, he’d be more of a Dillian Whyte.”

“I can’t give away his style, but he will bite down on his gum shield and walk down any opponent,” we were told. “Every jab KSI lands on Alex will be painful.”

KSI has always fought with a high-pressure style. The constant forward movement made up for shortcomings in technique, as his inexperienced opposition were unequipped to fight on the back foot. His choice to hone this approach and focus on his existing strengths is smart.

With JJ (KSI), they’re really just trying to give him good looks,” he said of the professional boxers with whom KSI has sparred. “However over at Shootfighters, every spar is a hard spar,” he said. “I’ll just say he’s held his own and given work to some pros.”

There’s some top talent here. Prospects from all over London.” Shootfighters is home to many world-level boxers and MMA fighters, including a handful of the UFC roster. KSI will not be short of challenges in sparring.

I really think KSI knocks out Alex,” he said when asked how he sees the fight playing out. “Alex doesn’t look like he can take a punch.”

“He only needs one more fight before Jake”

KSI has claimed he is only facing Wassabi as a warm-up before moving on to bigger things. His sights are set on a showdown with long-time foe Jake Paul. Paul has made tidal waves in the boxing world over the last two years, but KSI believes he will be the one to end his streak.

He only needs one more fight before Jake,” the source stated. “That’s how far he’s come.”

“I can see him digging into Jake’s body and ripping him apart. The longer the fight goes, the more Jake is in trouble. Jake gets sluggish and dependent on his right hand when he feels in danger.

Although KSI has been impressive behind closed doors, “Under the lights is what matters,” he said, acknowledging that the real answers come on fight night.

KSI’s bout with Alex Wassabi takes place on Saturday August 27th at the O2 Arena in London.

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