Footage Emerges Proving Leon Edwards was Drilling High Kick Before UFC 278

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Footage has recently emerged showing thatΒ the new UFC welterweight champion’s trainers had recognised that the high kick was a weapon that could land.

The footage shows howΒ Leon Edwards‘ trainers, Henry Cleminson andΒ Dave Lovell discussed the potential of Rocky landing the high kick before the fight itself. Cleminson claims “If he starts throwing some shots and he starts dipping his head away, that’s when we’re looking for the head kick.”

What we saw on Saturday night was just that. We sawΒ Kamaru Usman look to parry the 1-2 of Leon Edwards and dipped his head off to his right but unfortunately for him, Edwards threw the rear head kick, knocking him out instantly. Footage of Edwards throwing elbow combinations on the pads with Cleminson, followed by a rear high kick emerged before the fight, but to see it come off in the actual fight was certainly something to behold.

We broke down the knockout that Leon Edwards scored in-depth in a recent article. We look at the final round minute by minute focussing on why his feints, leg kicks and range finding were all done specifically in order to be able to land the ultimate kill shot, the rear head kick.

You can check out the full article here:

Leon Edwards’ UFC 278 Knockout – Breakdown

What’s next for Rocky Edwards? A title defence against Kamaru Usman in a trilogy fight,Β Jorge MasvidalΒ in a grudge match or the winner of the UFC 279 main event are all possibilities. Be assured, however, Edwards will be dangerous until the last minute in whatever is next for him.


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