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One of Europe’s biggest bare-knuckle boxing promotions, GROMDA, returns with its 10th event. It will feature a semifinal bout of GROMDA Title tournament. A one-night eight-man tournament and additional superfights also will take place. 

Don Diego vs. Vasyl

GROMDA 10 will serve as a starting point for the GROMDA Title tournament. In the first semifinal bout between Mateusz ‘Don Diego’ Kubiszyn and Vasyl ‘Vasyl’ Halych, the winner will meet the winner of the second semifinal between Bartłomiej ‘Balboa’ Domalik and Łukasz ‘Goat’ Parobiec that will be held in the future. All men have won one-night tournaments at the previous events. 

Kubiszyn is one of the most famous fighters associated with GROMDA. He won the one-night tournament at GROMDA 2. At the next event, he defeated a winner of the premiere tournament, Krystian ‘Tyson’ Kuźma. After that, he switched his attention to the Polish freak fight MMA circuit. At HIGH League 3: Extra he defeated fellow GROMDA alumni Denis ‘Bad Boy’ Załęcki. Their bout was originally scheduled to take place at HIGH League 3, but it was canceled due to riots that took place inside and near the arena. They were caused by football/soccer hooligans tied to the local team that presumably went after Załęcki, who is a football hooligan himself.

Halych is a winner of a one-night tournament that took place at GROMDA 3. He has a 5 – 1 record in the promotion. Interestingly enough, he defeated the aforementioned Załęcki to win the tournament. 

One-Night Tournament

In a traditional one-night, eight-man tournament, fans will see Patryk ‘GLEBA’ Tołkaczewski in action. He is the holder of the quickest knockout in promotion’s history as he knocked out GLORY veteran Saulo Cavalari in just 6 seconds. 

Wain ‘RHINO’ Morgan will serve as an alternate. 

GROMDA 10 Results (, 2:00pm ET / 11:00am PT)

GROMDA Title Tournament Semifinal

Mateusz ‘DON DIEGO’ Kubiszyn def. Vasyl ‘VASYL’ Halych via TKO, 8:48 of Round 5 and advanced to GROMDA Title Tournament final

GROMDA 10 One-Night Tournament

Patryk ‘Gleba’ Tołkaczewski def. Brad ‘DALTON’ Watson via TKO, 0:33 of Round 1 and won the tournament

Semifinal bouts were cancelled due to injuries

Arkadiusz ‘KARABIN’ Sauter def. Denis ‘ROMUŚ’ Romek via TKO (Injury), Round 4

Marcin ‘ŻELO’ Żelechowski def. Jan ‘TANK’ Sulecki via TKO, Round 2

Brad ‘DALTON’ Watson def. Piotr ‘BUBU’ Ćwik via TKO (Injury), Round 1

Patryk ‘Gleba’ Tołkaczewski  def. Krzysztof ‘KABAN’ Mazurkiewicz via TKO, 1:06 of Round 1 

GROMDA 10 Superfights

Sebastian ‘SCARFACE’ Skiermański def. Miłosz ‘WĄSU’ Wąsik via KO (Left hook), 0:15 of Round 1 

Mateusz ‘NIEDŹWIEDŹ’ Kopeć def. Liam ‘Dangerous Davies’ Davies via KO, 1:48 of Round 4 

Marcin ‘WASYL’ Wasilewski def. John ‘BIG BAD JOHN’ Ferguson via TKO (Referee stoppage), Round 3 

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