Antonio Plazibat’s Top 5 Best Knockouts

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The Croatian heavyweight powerhouse Antonio Plazibat will be in the main event slot at GLORY 82. The 28-year-old fighter will be facing Raul Catinas on November 19 in a highly anticipated showdown. The Croatian fighter is a top-ranked heavyweight, the consensus contender in GLORY, and has earned titles all around the world including a K-1 Heavyweight Grand Prix title.

Over 70% of Plazibat’s victories were won by way of Knockout. This fighter is feared by his heavyweight contemporaries and for good reason. With such a hard-hitting and storied career, let’s look back at Antionio Plazibat’s top five best knockouts.

Antonio Plazibat’s Top Five Best Knockouts

5. Antonio Plazibat vs Tarik Khbabez I

In 2021, Plazibat would start his impressive three-fight consecutive knockout win streak with a thunderous stoppage over the highly experienced Tarik Khbabez. An exciting, back-and-forth war ended with authority in the second round. The Moroccan-Dutch fighter was not able to get back to his feet from the force of Plazibat.

4. Antonio Plazibat vs K-Jee

In 2017, Plazibat would earn the illustrious K-1 Heavyweight Grand Prix World Title. During this one-night tournament, he would fight in three matches and earn two wins via knockout. The first of which was a hammering hook to the body which the future champion K-Jee was unable to recover from. K-Jee would later earn world titles in both K-1 and KRUSH.

3. Antonio Plazibat vs Makoto Uehara

In the semi-final round of the 2017 K-1 World Grand Prix, Plazibat would stop the experience karate fighter, Makoto Uehara. The Japanese-born Uehara was unable to survive the constant attacks from Croatia’s Plazibat. While stuck in the corner, Uehara would fall to a booming flying knee. Plazibat would win the next match this night via decision to earn the crown as the K-1 Heavyweight Champion.

2. Antonio Plazibat vs Tarik Khbabez II

In 2022, Khbabez would aim to get revenge for his earlier loss. The Moroccan-Dutch fighter would come out much more aggressive in this fight and was looking to stop the Croatian. Plazibat would land a forceful hook that sent Khbabez to the canvas in round three.

1. Antonio Plazibat vs Benjamin Adegbuyi

The Croatian striker would prove his worth in 2021 by knocking out the no. 2 ranked Benjamin Adegbuyi at Glory: Collision 3. The Nigerian-Romanian fighter was showing good speed in this match, but the powerful Plazibat would push back his top-ranked opponent. With an overwhelming flurry of strikes, Plazibat would finish Adegbuyi early in round 2

At just the age of 28, Croatia’s Plazibat has already had an impressive career. With a series of consecutive knockout wins, he is the no. 1 ranked heavyweight in GLORY. At GLORY 82, Antonio Plazibat will face Raul Catinas in the headlining match on November 19. With an impressive win, Plazibat will be looking to be next in line to face the reigning champion, Rico Verhoeven.

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