Nathaniel Wood Talks Freak Injury, Return and Prospect Academy

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London’s own, Nathaniel Wood has sat down with MMASucka’s, Frazer Krohn to discuss the injury that has forced him to withdraw from his scheduled bout with fellow Brit, Lerone Murphy. The two were set for an exciting featherweight clash, however, it wasn’t to be.

Wood has suffered a horrific knee injury, a nasty cut which he told MMASucka was “down to the bone” and occurred when he was shooting for a takedown during training. As of yet, Murphy hasn’t been re-booked for London, however, there’s still time to get ‘The Miracle’ booked. You can catch the full interview with Nathaniel Wood and MMASucka’s Frazer Krohn here:

Discussing how he suffered the injury, Wood would tell Frazer:

“So basically in the gym, where the mat, how we have the mats, we have like a wooden trim that goes around it but the mat is higher than the wooden trim. But obviously what’s happened is when I’ve landed my knee, it’s kind of pushed the mat underneath the wooden trim. So all it is is just like a, you know like a table lip and I’ve caught my knee on it but as I’ve gone at such an impact what it’s done is it’s obviously sliced my knee and de-gloved the skin”.

Wood later stated that it’s a frustrating injury as it won’t keep him out of action for too long, however, his recovery time will not allow him to be able to compete in his home town of London on March 18th. With regards to a return, Wood stated:

I want to be back in there as soon as possible. That’s one of the main reasons I’ve moved up to featherweight, so I can be active, you know that’s all I want to do. I enjoy this sport, I love it. I don’t like the weight-cutting side of things So I’ve moved up a weight and I’m going to enjoy it and I’m going to go in and as you can see in those last two fights I was enjoying myself”.

Prospect Academy

Wood has also recently launched the ‘Prospect Academy’ through his website, theprospectapparel.com. Signing up for the academy will get the subscriber plenty of exclusive content, discounts and opportunities from Wood with regards to training videos, nutrition and alike. Be sure to check out the site for behind-the-scenes content, nutritional advice from experts and plenty of tips and tricks.

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Frazer is a 26 year old MMA and boxing enthusiast from Coventry, England. He is the host of the MMASucka podcast which comes out every Monday.

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