Jon Jones is Back, Wins Heavyweight Title at UFC 285

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UFC 285 was rocking and rolling into the main event between Jon Jones and Ciryl Gane. Gane would enter the cage first seamlessly and in true Jones fashion, we had a hiccup.

First, the walkout music never transitioned for Jones which stalled his walkout, next he had to remove the tape from his toe that was historically ripped open against Chael Sonnen in a previous bout. Those were followed up by a kick south of the beltline by Gane on Jones which was the final delay everyone experienced.

Once we got past all that chaos, the two heavyweight titans were both ready to snap their fingers with their own versions of the infinity gauntlet. Ultimately it would be the G.O.A.T reminding everyone exactly who he was and remains to be.


Bones Makes Quick Work of Ciryl Gane

In an almost comical fashion, Jones came out and had the same movement and approach that we saw from the light heavyweight version of him. 

He would stay fluid, not allowing Gane to focus in on any one angle of his. While his striking seemed a little bit off, he was able to close the distance and secure a takedown quickly on the Frenchman. 

He would work him against the cage and lock in an awkward neck crank/guillotine choke and release it before going for it again and getting a better grip. In just over two minutes, Jones would submit the former heavyweight champion and remind everyone why he is considered the greatest mixed martial artist of all time.

Where Does Jones Go From Here?

It was rumored heading into UFC 285 that Jones would face former champion Stipe Miocic with a win and in his post-fight interview he confirmed that. It seems that on UFC Internation Fight Week he will be facing Miocic on July 8. 

Of course, Jones has to make it through the rest of his stay in Las Vegas without making any more news. I don’t write this to be cynical I write this out of sincerity, he is primed to get his career back on track and carve out a remembrance to where he will be his sports Michal Jordan.

He made tonight look easy, he couldn’t even put away Jake O’Brien as easily as he did Gane. He has never made it look simpler and while it is clicking in the cage it has to remain silent outside of it.

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