Top 10 Fastest One-Strike Knockouts In MMA History

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Mixed martial arts participants may use their entire body as a weapon, resulting in stunning knockouts. Quick, mind-bending, and wild card play. Something that can be as alluring as top games found at online casino sites NZ.

In boxing, knockouts are the striker’s counterpart of submissions. They may stop combat at any time and, without a doubt, declare who the more extraordinary fighter was on that specific day. The MMA competition’s thrill is no less exciting than in real money casinos in New Zealand.

This article will go through the top 10 one-punch knockouts in mixed martial arts (MMA) history.

Ben Askren vs. Jorge Masvidal

Masvidal came within a few seconds of breaking the record for the quickest finish in Ultimate Fighting Championship (UFC) history during his battle against Ben Askren at UFC 238. Askren had recently won his debut fight against Robbie Lawler, while Masvidal had just defeated Darren Till.

Masvidal kept a wicked smirk throughout the talk as if he knew something no one else did. His objective was for the opening bell to sound, signaling the start of their round. Masvidal surged to the right toward Askren after a sidestep and landed a flying knee to his opponent’s face.

Askren encountered several challenges due to his natural wrestling instincts as he instinctively went to the ground to take Masvidal down. This brought his head into close contact with Masvidal’s knee, knocking him out.

Paradoxically, Masvidal’s unnecessary strikes that he thought “very vital” after the fight prevented him from setting a new record for most knockouts in a single bout. The battle would have ended if Askren had dropped to the ground after being knocked out. However, the clock continued to tick while he was hit with follow-up shots.

Myanmar La N Sang vs. Ken Hasegawa

This battle is still regarded as one of the most entertaining championship fights in ONE Championship history. Besides, the finale earned Sung Knockout of the Year. That happened late in the combat when both men had exhausted themselves from their tough battling. Hasegawa failed while wandering around the cage, attempting to put pressure on Sang.

Sang used his feet to evade the pressure Hasegawa was putting on him. Then, with his right hand, he uncorked a perfect uppercut that hit flush, sending Hasegawa to the mat and forcing the referee to stop the fight. This was nothing but a situation when one hits the top jackpot with one click while having fun at the best payout casino online.

Conor McGregor vs. Jose Aldo

Fans were entertained by McGregor’s intelligent remarks and hostile attitude toward Aldo while promoting his fight with Aldo. This was an incredible achievement on McGregor’s side. Conor could continue his verbal assaults on Aldo, even though the bout had to be postponed from its original date due to Aldo’s injury while prepping for it. The episode was delayed to a later date.

As the fight approached, it was clear that Aldo behaved differently than expected. This became clear when Aldo attacked McGregor in the first seconds of their struggle. Conor stopped their long-awaited and much-anticipated clash with a well-timed left hook just as Aldo came within striking distance.

Anderson Silva vs. Vitor Belfort

At the time of their clash at UFC 126, Silva had just won a submission victory over Chael Sonnen despite coming from deeper behind than his opponent. The tense environment at the pre-fight news conference was caused by Belfort’s statements criticizing Silva’s reign.

Both top bruisers spent the first several minutes of the bout getting to know one another. Then Silva delivered a well-timed front kick, knocking Belfort to the canvas and thus finishing the match.

Alexis Vila vs. Joe Warren

Warren was infamous for his constant trash-talking throughout the early parts of his Bellator career, prompting many fans to believe he would get his win. Vila answered the fans’ wish when he struck his left hand on Warren’s chin one minute into the fight, instantly knocking him out cold as he slumped to the mat.

Joshua Pacio vs. Roy Doliguez

Doliguez and Pacio fought at high speed for their title match. Unfortunately for Doliguez, this left him vulnerable to a spinning back punch from Pacio, which knocked him out in the second round and gave Pacio the title.

Pacio deceived his opponent into believing he was about to kick him by motioning him in to get him closer for the back punch. The arrangement was equally impressive and similar to top winning hits while gambling at the best online casinos that payout NZ.

Francis Ngannou vs. Alistair Overeem

Overeem was the opponent put in front of Ngannou to see if he was competent enough to compete for the heavyweight belt. Francis demonstrated one of the most devastating one-punch finishes in MMA history (MMA). The knockout won Ngannou the 2017 Knockout of the Year award and a rematch with Stipe Miocic for the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s heavyweight title.

Impa Kasanganay vs. Joaquin Buckley

For many years, Joaquin Buckley has been a topic of discussion. The bout between the two heavyweights began relatively competitively, with the two battlers going toe-to-toe.

In the end, Kasanganay successfully seized one of Buckley’s legs. Still, he was never permitted to use it because Buckley took advantage of the chance to perform the most beautiful jumping-spinning side kick in MMA history.

That was more evocative of a move from one of Tony Jaa’s movies than anything from a real-life martial arts tournament. Buckley is now regarded as one of the UFC’s most promising up-and-comers due to the quick and stunning finish. A perfect win that can be compared to multimillion wins in top online casinos NZ.

Kamaru Usman vs. Leon Edwards II

Both fighters were Tier-1 prospects in the Ultimate Fighting Championship’s welterweight category when they first met (UFC). Usman won the fight by a unanimous decision because of his wrestling abilities, which allowed him to keep control of the situation.

When these two battled for the second time, it was at UFC 278, and Usman held the welterweight belt. With one minute remaining in the bout, Edwards knocked Usman out with a roundhouse kick. Usman seemed to be on his way to a successful title defense until Edwards hit him with a strike that knocked him out. That was one of UFC history’s most amazing one-shot finishes and one of the most miraculous comeback stories.

Forrest Griffin vs. Anderson Silva

When he stepped up to the light-heavyweight division during his reign as champion, Griffin was one of Silva’s opponents. Since Griffin previously won this championship, many people expected a tightly contested match between the two.

The battle was as exciting as many expected, but it was nothing near competitive. Griffin had trouble hitting with anything meaningful since Silva could weave around his attacks and escape them. On the other hand, Silva was able to hit shots at will.

Griffin became enraged and charged Silva, but Silva skillfully evaded his attacks by rotating his head and striking Griffin out with a single punch, thereby finishing their battle. It all resembled a flash win one can witness in Tier-1 casinos NZ while getting a six-figure reward.

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