McGregor Forever – A Review of Episode 2

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Conor McGregor‘s latest docuseries ‘McGregor Forever’ aired this week and we have already given you a review of episode 1. Episode two, labelled ‘As Real as it gets’ focuses around how McGregor dealt with the defeat to Khabib Nurmagomedov and his return to action against Donald Cerrone.

McGregor vs. Cowboy

Episode 2 of McGregor Forever builds towards the Irishman’s journey back to the octagon following his defeat at UFC 229.

Post UFC 229, McGregor injured his left hand and we got to see the trials and tribulations that he went through in order to get back into fighting shape. The episode shows McGregor partaking in a promotional tour and we can already see a clear difference in the behaviour of The Notorious.

The clearest and most noticeable difference between the two episodes and both fights is McGregor’s demeanour prior to each bout. During episode 1 we saw vicious animosity between McGregor and Khabib, however, we saw plenty of respect between McGregor and Cerrone.

We saw before he made the walk at UFC 246 how relaxed he appeared to be. Unaware of what time he was actually making his ring walk, interacting with his children pre-fight and seemingly enjoying the process.

Post UFC 246, it was clear how much the victory meant to McGregor and his team. There was a real team, family and individual jubilation as a result of McGregor’s win and it was something we didn’t get to see during the first episode. It was a solid representation of the thrill and the agony of wins and losses.

Post UFC 246

After UFC 246, the world was, of course, thrown into turmoil due to the COVID-19 pandemic. We got to see the humble side of the Irishman, giving back to the community through aid. It was a real sign of how he got back to his roots and he describes it as “a good self-learning experience“.

Episode 2 also documents how he requested to stay active but how the UFC, for whatever reason wasn’t booking him in fights. The frustration throughout the episode post-Cerrone fight was clear for all to see.

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