Breaking Down the Battle: 4 Ways Tony Ferguson Can Beat Bobby Green

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In the dynamism and unpredictability of mixed martial arts (MMA), it’s anyone’s game until the final bell. However, skill, strategy, and experience remain to be crucial aspects in emerging victorious.

At UFC 291, two veterans hit the Octagon, as Tony Ferguson takes on Bobby Green.

Today, we turn the spotlight on how Tony Ferguson, ‘El Cucuy’, could potentially outmaneuver Bobby Green in a highly anticipated face-off.

Capitalizing on Striking

Ferguson is seasoned with a unique striking style that combines timing and precision. His elbows are notoriously lethal. He needs to make sure he utilizes these within close range to disrupt Green’s flow and keep him at bay. This strategy could ensure Green doesn’t get into his comfort zone of fast, striking exchanges that he is well-known for.

Utilizing Jiu-Jitsu

Tony Ferguson is also an accomplished athlete in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. His skills in this combat sport can serve as a vital tool in the ground game if the fight goes to the mat. A potential strategy could be to bait Green into trading blows, only to sweep him off balance for a takedown. This would put Ferguson in a position of control, allowing him to utilize his Jiu-Jitsu advantage.

Think of MMA as a game of chess, with every move playing a pivotal role in the endgame. Anticipation, calculation, and strategy are as important as physical prowess.

Unleashing “The D’Arce Choke”

Ferguson has become synonymous with one particular submission – the D’Arce choke – engineering it flawlessly several times in his stellar career. This is a move that many despise because of the difficulty to escape once in place. In isolation, Green may have strong takedown defense, but if Ferguson manages to engage him in grappling exchanges, he can potentially lock in his signature choke, putting Green at serious risk.

The Cardio Element

Tony’s absolutely grueling cardio regimen is one of the great equalizers in fights. His ability to keep up the intensity, while his opponents are tiring, often puts him at an advantage in later rounds. Green might pride himself on his speed and movement, but maintaining that against a fresh Ferguson late in the fight could be a tricky proposition.

In conclusion, Tony Ferguson, with his unique style and hard-earned experience, can beat Bobby Green through strategic striking, utilizing Jiu-Jitsu, capitalizing on trap-setting for his D’Arce choke, and endurance to outlast his rival. Even though MMA is unpredictable, constructing a solid strategy and sticking to it can often dictate the outcome.

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Jeremy Brand is an experienced MMA writer and columnist. He is the founder of MMASucka.com, and has represented the company with media credentials at many mixed martial arts fights. Jeremy is also a black belt in Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, training in BC, Canada.

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