Demetrious Johnson vs Bradley Martyn. Yes, Really.

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How well would social media stars do in a fight against combat sports professionals? Well, for internet star Bradley Martyn, he thinks he would do just fine.

Social Media Star Bradley Martyn Jabs at Pro Fighters, Calls Out Major Stars

Social media star and bodybuilder Bradley Martyn has made headlines recently in the world of combat sports due to repeatedly stating how he would beat various professional fighters in “street fights” due to his large size and strength. Martyn has pulled this stunt on various fighters from all disciplines. The likes of Devin Haney, Nate Diaz, and even Brendan Schaub have all received the same treatment.

Martyn has received much criticism online for these opinions and in a conversation with his friend and former UFC Heavyweight Brendan Schaub, expanded more on his opinion. Martyn repeatedly stated to Schaub how the weight difference between himself and professional fighters in the lighter weight class would be so vast that it would completely nullify any sort of skill or experience advantage that they would have. Schaub agreed to a point, stating that in the case of Devin Haney that may be true as the pro boxer possesses no skill when it comes to ground fighting and grappling, so if Martyn was able to grab a hold of him he could emerge victorious from the hypothetical street fight. 

Brendan Schuab Draws the Line

Where Schaub drew the line was with MMA fighters and repeatedly stated to Martyn that even a fighter who fought at 125 lbs. such as Demetrious Johnson would be able to effortlessly manhandle Martyn. Of course, the bodybuilder disagreed. 

Challenge Accepted

The matchup may become a reality as Demetrious Johnson and Henry Cejudo released the first episode of their new podcast “The GOATcast” and the first topic discussed was the challenged issued by Martyn. Johnson stated his intention to pursue the matchup and expressed his interest at organizing a grappling session or match at a date in the future. Johnson confirmed that he had been in contact with Schaub since the clip was first aired and confirmed his intention to see whether Martyn was able to walk the walk in the near future, stating that “When I get back from vacation I’m gonna fly down to Calabasas and roll him up”.

While it is highly unlikely that Demetrious Johnson and Bradley Martyn will ever end up competing against one another in a competitive match whether it be grappling or MMA, a chance to see the two spar or roll together would certainly be an interesting chance to watch.

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