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Rizin’s Minoru Kimura Fails Steroid Test

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In a first for the Japanese promotion Rizin, a fighter has tested positive for PEDs and is suspended. At a press conference Saturday, it was announced Minoru “Philip” Kimura (0-1 MMA, 37-10-1 Kickboxing) has failed a voluntary drug test that was taken before his fight at Rizin 43. Kimura and Rizin CEO Nobuyuki Sakakibara both spoke at the press conference to explain the matter to the media.

Suspension Details

The failed drug test revealed that Kimura had “several ingredients that correspond to muscle-building agents, such as clenbuterol.” As a result of the failed drug test, Kimura will be fined an undisclosed amount and suspended for six months. The testing was done by WADA (World Anti-Doping Agency). When he is eligible to return to RIZIN, he will need to test negative for PEDs. His wins over Daryl Lokoku, Yusuke Yachi, and Kuntap Charoenchai have all been changed a no-contest.

Kimura’s Comments

Rizin fighter Philip Kimura failed a drug test he volunteered to take before his Rizin 43 fight.

At the press conference, the Brazilian-born kickboxer said, “To be honest, I never took any prohibited drugs during my K-1 career. When I thought I might not be able to compete, I tried using it from the month I quit K-1 to improve my motivation and training quality, and I felt the effects. I knew there was a doping test, so I didn’t take it, but it remained in my body and was detected. I am very sorry for that.”

Kimura apologized to his previous opponents Yusuke Yachi, Kuntap Charoenchai, and Daryl Lokoku. He defeated all by knockout.

Kimura also stated that he took the substances to help with his weight cut. “I want to make my body clean and compete in martial arts fair and square from now on.”

Sakakibara’s Comments

The Rizin president was visibly angry at Kimura and did not sugarcoat his comments. “I honestly feel like I was lied to,” Sakakibara said. When the possibility of a match with rival kickboxer Rukiya Anpo was brought up, he said, “I’m not saying that the match is spoiled for the future, but with a clean slate and I will be in agreement with Kimura… First of all, get rid of the prohibited drug and come in clean.”

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