Hari vs McSweeney cancelled during GLORY 88

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In a shocking turn of events after the contest between Nordine Mahieddine and Abderahmane Coulibaly at GLORY 88 Badr Hari took to the mic and informed the crowd that the events main event, scheduled to take place in less than an hours time would no longer be happening. In an emotional speech Hari, whose parents are both Moroccan and has fought under the flag since 2005, stated his desire to respect the recent tragic earthquakes that happened in Morocco which has seen over 1300 Moroccans killed and many more missing.

Visibly emotional, Hari stated how he wished for the focus to be laid upon the victims in Morocco and how fighting would not be appropriate at this current time. His opponent James McSweeney later gave a speech of his own in which he stated that he respected and agreed with Hari’s decision and graciously made way for the Women’s Super Bantamweight title which was scheduled to be Co Main Event. Finally GLORY officials entered the ring and stated that while they were disappointed in the outcome, ultimately backed Hari’s decision to not fight and stated that all profits generated from GLORY 88 would be donated to victims of the tragedy in Morocco. Promising to return to Paris with a bigger and better card, GLORY have vowed to bring Badr Hari back to the GLORY ring once again.

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