Is KSI Fighting an Up Hill Battle Against Tommy Fury on The Prime Card?

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Co-headlining The Prime Card on Saturday night, KSI will clash with Tommy Fury in an attempt to do what his arch-rival, Jake Paul couldn’t do – Win. The odds have it heavily in favour of Fury, the man who is the traditional boxer, with the traditional boxing style and a far better pedigree, however, nothing is ever straightforward in the world of influencer boxing.

Things in Favour of Tommy Fury

So we have to ask the question, is KSI fighting an uphill battle when he steps in there against Fury? Quite possibly.

The attributes are all in favour of the younger brother of the WBC heavyweight champion. He’s an inch taller at 6’0, he’s the younger man by six years and he’s also more experienced, holding a 9-0 record as well as having boxed his entire life.

His jab-heavy style lends itself to interrupting his opponent’s game, something that KSI isn’t quite used to. The guys that The Nightmare has been in with have had very little actual boxing experience. They didn’t throw a lot of jabs, were tentative the entire time and appeared to let the moment get to them.

For Fury, he can utilise the jab, off-set KSI and take the adrenaline out of the situation by jabbing and controlling the pace of the fight from the off.

Most importantly, the weight is in favour of Fury (in a way). He’s the far bigger man naturally and vitally, there is no hydration clause in the contract. This means that Fury can weigh whatever he wants after the weigh-ins and rehydrate as much as possible before fight night. They will have to weigh in at 183lbs, however, on fight night, Fury could blow up to around 190/195lbs.

Factors in Favour of KSI

There is one key thing in favour of KSI. His style. It’s unusual, it’s different and certainly something that is difficult to train for. There is little doubt that it’s unorthodox, however, may not work against an out-and-out traditional boxer.

The Sidemen member uses a karate-like style, utilising in-and-out movement to sting opponents and get out the back door before the counter comes. He relies on reactions to avoid strikes, moves with his hands low and is always brimming with confidence.

Having his hands so low means that his strikes come from unusual angles, which could causeĀ TNT problems.

This fight is certainly exciting, but all the attributes have it in favour of Tommy Fury. We’ll have to wait until Saturday night to see how this one plays out!

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