Gordon Ryan Sides with Logan Paul Against Dillon Danis at Misfits- The Prime Card

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Ahead of their highly anticipated ‘boxing’ match tomorrow evening, Logan Paul and Dillon Danis have had their final face-off. It, of course, wasn’t without entertainment and talking points. To try and ‘get one over’ on Danis, Logan Paul bought along Brazilian Jiu Jitsu world champion and widely regarded GOAT, Gordon Ryan.

It’s no hidden fact that inside (and outside) the BJJ world, Danis and Ryan have a bitter rivalry and have constantly gone back and forth on social media trading jabs as well as having several confrontations face to face. The two men competed in a Jiu-Jitsu match in 2017, with Ryan coming out the victor via a decision.

Misfits – The Prime Card Weigh-Ins

There were rumours circulating today that Paul would not even be able to make the fight due to a number of reasons. Danis hit Paul with a microphone at yesterday’s press-conference, causing a cut and sending the fight into jeopardy.

Elsewhere, Danis claimed that Paul missed the weigh in window this morning, weighing in after the 11am deadline.

The ceremonial weigh-in and final face off went ahead, however, and we assume the fight will continue.

After their face off (in a cage with re-enforced glass between them), Paul introduced Ryan to the stage stating he has, “Gordan Ryan in the building in case he (Danis) tries any Jiu-Jitsu bu**sh*t”.

Ryan took to the mic to mock Danis claiming that he needed someone to clean his cars and Danis is the one who usually does it.

Danis then regained the mic and stated, “That’s his steroid supplier, that’s who that is. Two juice heads”.

The anti just got upped…again!

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