Islam Makhachev KNOCKS OUT Alexander Volkanovski in Round 1 at UFC 294

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AND STILL! Islam Makhachev just put out a statement to the world to confirm and cement himself at the undisputed best lightweight on the planet. Taking on the toughest test of his career, the rematch with Alexander Volkanovski, Makhachev landed a brutal high-kick, dropping the featherweight champion, before finishing him with punches on the ground and closing out UFC 294 in style.

After the two put on a highly competitive fight back in February that went all five rounds, Makhachev needed just 3:06 to put a decisive end to this rivalry. After the initial feeling out process common in any fight, Makhachev shot in for a takedown, to which Volkanovski defended but was controlled up against the clinch.

Once the men were able to break, Makhachev began, again to work his kickboxing skills, but against a striker as seasoned as Volkanovski, many expected the shot again soon.

On the broadcast, Paul Felder mentioned how the high-kick of Makhachev was landing and also how it was getting more effective every time it landed. With The Great‘s backed up against the cage, the defending champion unleashed another savage high kick, landing it flush on the side of Volkanovski’s head, causing his eyes to roll back, him to wobble and ultimately collapse in a heap. Follow up shots from the Dagastani killer saw the referee step in and call the fight off.

We have to give credit to both men in this one. They both took the fight on just 11 days notice, with Volkanovski having to cut a lot of weight just to make the fight. Makhachev had to prepare for a completely different style opponent, and yet, they both made that all important walk.

It’s Makhachev, however, who exit’s this rivalry 2-0 and sends Volkanovski packing back down to featherweight.

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