Jake Paul and Nate Diaz set for MMA Showdown

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Jake Paul will apparently be set to take on Nate Diaz for a second time, yet not in the squared circle. Instead, the second bout is apparently going to be under MMA rules. 

In a tweet from Paul’s promotional company “Most Valuable Promotions” it was revealed that Jake Paul had accepted an offer from the PFL regarding an MMA bout with Nate Diaz. According to the tweet Paul accepted the offer. It remains to be seen if Diaz will accept yet however has been vocal about his interest in rematching Paul in the past. 

Paul’s team confirmed that Diaz will not be the opponent Paul will face in his boxing return on December 15th and that they are still searching for a suitable opponent to fill the slot. If the rematch with Diaz is made official it will almost certainly be held sometime during early 2024 and will not impact the scheduled return to boxing this winter. 

Thw two previously met back in August when Jake Paul breezed past Diaz over 10 rounds. He was simply put, the better boxer. The biggest statement of the fight, however, was Diaz’s guillotine on Paul during the final rounds.

How will the MMA remtach go? Let us know!

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