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Jarred Brooks Itching For Bouts Against Demetrious Johnson, Superlek, Rodtang

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ONE Championship strawweight king Jarred Brooks is spoiling for a fight. The Michigan resident is ready to step back into the spotlight and take on any challenge that may come his way. But he does have one particular opponent in mind.

Jarred Brooks on Potential Mighty Mouse Fight: “I’m here to kill you, bro”

“DJ [Demetrious Johnson] is the main fight, period. I have nothing but respect for him. The way that I have been calling out, it can seem like it is disrespectful, but you’ve got to sell fights too. I have nothing but love for DJ, but as far as us fighting, man, I’m here to kill you, bro. You’re literally the person I looked up to, and if I’ve gotta put the sword in you, I’ll be that person,” Brooks told ONE

“The Monkey God” stormed through the strawweight division upon arrival in ONE. After claiming the ONE Strawweight MMA World Championship, Brooks has waited patiently for a new contender to emerge. He has even challenged himself in the meantime by going against ONE Flyweight Submission Grappling World Champion Mikey Musumeci.

It is not arrogance that drives Brooks. The new father is pushing himself and truly believes he can topple whoever stands across from him on any given night. Those beliefs even include “Mighty Mouse”.

“You’re going to have to knock me out in the first round or something. So if it’s in the second round or third round, I don’t care if it is Demetrious Johnson. I believe in myself that much. And the people that don’t believe me, you just gotta wait and see,” the strawweight king said. 

Other potential challenges await Brooks aside from Johnson. Muay Thai superstar and ONE Flyweight Kickboxing World Champion Superlek Kiatmoo9 has teased entry into MMA. If that should happen, Brooks is ready to welcome him to a whole new world.

“I see Superlek has cauliflower ears, stuff like that. I’m very observant. I already know he’s done some rolling. He’s probably thinking about mixed martial arts. I’m a huge fan of Superlek, too. It would be an honor to go against him. He has crazy kicks, but if he tries to kick me, I promise you I’m gonna take him down and I’m gonna smash his face in,” Brooks noted.

He is also not opposed to trying his hand in Muay Thai against Rodtang Jitmuangnon. Although Brooks knows he would come in as the underdog, he is confident that his power could shock the Thai icon. That alone could give him a chance for what would be one of the biggest upsets in martial arts.

“If I was to go against Rodtang right now, I would just do a lot of movement so there’s no leg kicks, he can’t come in with straight elbows, come in with all those knees. He would have to come and get close to me, right? So if he has to walk me down and he keeps his hands down, that’s what I’d be looking for,” Brooks said.

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