Katie Taylor Becomes Two Weight Undisputed Champion

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Katie Taylor became a two-weight undisputed champion on Saturday night with a majority decision win over Chantelle Cameron. Avenging her previous loss to Cameron from earlier this year, Taylor would put on the performance of a lifetime to convincingly win the fight and silence all critics who had labelled her as an underdog heading into the bout. 

Cameron found success early on in the fight with both her undisputed light-welterweight titles on the line as well as her undefeated record. While Taylor started off crisply with fluid boxing, a jab from Cameron sent an admittedly off-balance Taylor to the canvas, clearly displaying who was the stronger woman in the ring. A clash of heads would also occur in the first round, with Cameron noticeably coming off the worse of the pair, a large gash formed on the side of her forehead which thankfully did not result in a doctor’s stoppage. 

As the fight continued, it was clear that Taylor had arrived to put on a show. Despite being 37, her hand speed and combinations had never looked sharper as she continuously moved into the pocket, landed a flurry of punches and dart back out of harm’s way. Cameron looked to trade with her and doggedly pursued Taylor around the ring, however, was almost always beaten to the punch by the Irish woman. 

Still, despite the blood pouring across her face as the fight went on and the continuous flurries being landed by Taylor, Cameron did not appear fazed and worked away at Taylor’s body, hoping to slow down the movement of the lightweight champion. Yet she was unable to get her jab going, which had proved to be so effective in the first fight. 

The last few rounds saw both women become tired and the fight turned into a clinching, dirty boxing affair with some big shots being landed by both sides. After the final round, there was little doubt as to who had won the affair. While the bout was certainly competitive with neither side completely outclassing nor steamrolling their opponent it was clear that Taylor had done enough to emerge victorious throughout the majority of rounds, with 2 of the 3 judges agreeing so. While one scored the fight a draw, two more granted Taylor the decision win, crowning her the third two weight undisputed champion in history. 

Talk of a trilogy fight was immediately presented to Taylor after the bout and she suggested Croke Park as a possible venue. Promoter Eddie Hearn appeared to back this idea and suggested a date in the first half of 2024 as being appropriate. 

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