Darren Till Negotiating with Karate Combat for 2024 Clash with Ross Levine

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Former UFC title challenger, Darren Till is seemingly closing in on a return to combat sports. It wont, however, be in MMA as many suspected, nor will it be in the world of crossover boxing, another thing that was hinted at when he was cut from the UFC.

It was released by the Daily Star Sport that Karate Combat is working on a middleweight title fight between The Gorilla and their champion, Ross Levine. This is set to take part at some point in early 2024. The president of the organisation, Asim Zaidi told the Daily Star Sport that they were aiming to have Till signed to the organisation by their December 15th card, however, negotiations are still on-going. Levine will still compete on the card against another UFC vet in ‘Smiling’ Sam Alvey. Alvey had a similar end to his UFC career, losing eight of his last nine fights and drawing one.

The December 15th Karate Combat card looks like a fun one. It’s headlined by Anthony Pettis and Benson Henderson which is a trilogy of sorts. Kickboxing sensation, Raymond Daniels also features on the card, as does TUF vet, Melinda Fabian. Former UFC bantamweight, Danaa Batgerel also makes his debut.

Darren Till

Till started his UFC career with a lot of potential, going six unbeaten, taking the UFC to Liverpool and headlining two fight night cards. This saw him gain a title shot against then champion, Tyron Woodley. It didn’t go his way, however, and this all but began his career decline. Another loss at welterweight to Jorge Masvidal saw him make the long awaited move up to middleweight.

It appeared to be going to plan, winning his 185lbs debut against Kelvin Gastelum in New York at UFC 244. Since then, however, he’s been unable to buy a win, losing three straight and being out of options.

Ross Levine

Turbo Ross Levine is the defending Karate Combat middleweight champion. He’s currently enjoying a four fight Karate Combat run, finishing two wins, including his most recent outing.

Commenting on the potential bout, Levine stated:

“Darren Till made some tweet about how he could demolish the entire Karate Combat roster in one night – I was like great, I’ll take care of that. I think we match up amazingly and he’s got crazy good striking skills. He’s only ever really had problems with guys that can wrestle. We’d have an all-striking fight and it would be great. And obviously I am happy to put my Karate Combat Middleweight Championship on the line for him as well. Immediate title shot, come and get it!

Do you think the fight happens? If so, who do you see coming out on top? Let us know in the comments!

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