Conor McGregor Engages In Rap Battle With Irish Rapper Scomo

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UFC star Conor McGregor has engaged in a Twitter rap battle with Irish rapper Scomo. McGregor has been vocal in response to the recent unrest in Ireland, stemming from a knife attack in which three school children were injured—even going as far as claiming he will run for office in Ireland. Scomo is an active participant in Irish politics, having represented the Alliance party in Strabane. He has also been commentating on the ongoing conflicts, taking an opposing stance to McGregor on the situation.

McGregor responded to Scomo, real name Scott Moore, by calling him “pimples” and making fun of him for being a “broke” battle rapper. Scomo explains he has autism and a “mental health condition” where he compulsively picks his skin, and has used battle rap to stand up for disabled people like himself. He offered McGregor to battle him on camera.

McGregor accepted the challenge and responded with two (now deleted) verses. He appeared to be freestyling in the first response and writing in the second. After about two hours, Scomo replied. Below are the opening verses from each.

Scomo’s last battle was on Premier Battles, one of the UK’s biggest rap battle platforms, where he competed in the final of their Academy tournament against Irish veteran Gwame. McGregor responded again (now deleted), this time tagging Premier Battles. Below is that response.

Scomo joined a Twitter Space with Premier Battles co-founder and legendary Manchester battle rapper Shotty Horroh, where he continued to call McGregor out. Scomo further tried to incite the beef by demanding McGregor join the Space to battle him. He then responded with the following.

McGregor laughed at Scomo and continued the jokes about his appearance, saying “readings cheating” and everyone should’ve been spared the visual of his face. “Chill bro you’re bleeding“, McGregor said. Tired of the online talking, Scomo has now decisively called out McGregor to battle him at a live event on Premier Battles.

McGregor has left what seems like a final (now deleted) response, not in rap this time, where he went at Scomo for over two minutes. He explained his prior use of the poppy, an angle of attack from Scomo’s verse, and pleaded with him to speak to his doctor. McGregor also urged Scomo to use Sudocrem on his nose. The video has since been reposted, after McGregor deleted it.

Premier Battles have a big event upcoming in March, and if McGregor isn’t “shook to get beat by a spotty fella”, we could see Conor McGregor swap the cage for the pit and battle against Scomo for real. And with Scomo’s illustrious résumé including top names like Wobbly Handed Surgeon, he would certainly be a tough opponent for any two-weight UFC champion.

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