Rising Star Tom Theocharis Talks Dana White’s Looking for a Fight heading into Unified 55

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Canadian mixed martial arts standout Tom Theocharis met with me this week, amidst the chilly Toronto winter, to talk about his preparation for the upcoming fight on the Unified 55 card in Toronto. 

As he sat outside his gym, bundled up against the minus-nine wind chill, “The Greek Warrior” exuded the calm focus of a seasoned athlete heading into a pivotal fight week. “It’s cold out right now. It’s minus nine, it’s snowing. I am all bundled up, I’m just sitting outside the gym. I’m about to do my first training session of the day. And yeah, it’s fight week, so I’m excited.” 

His upcoming bout against Robert Dunn is more than just another fight; it’s a stepping stone to a bigger stage. It was recently announced that Dana White would be reigniting the series “Dana White’s Looking for a Fight” with his visit to Toronto.  The series features the UFC President, along with various co-hosts (former champion Matt Serra, Nick “the Tooth” Gullo and Din Thomas), travelling to various locations to attend local MMA events. The primary goal is to scout up-and-coming talent for the UFC. This series produced the likes of Sage Northcutt, Mickey Gall, and Randy Brown.  

The presence of UFC President Dana White at the event has not gone unnoticed by Theocharis, who learned of White’s attendance as early as September. “’I’d been sort of prepared for this moment for quite a while,” he revealed, acknowledging the added pressure and excitement. The prospect of being scouted by the UFC has only fueled his fire. Known for his remarkable 86% finish rate, Theocharis is not just a formidable fighter; he’s a man with a plan.

In speaking about his fighting style, Theocharis is a ferocious competitor, known for his aggressive approach and his ability to finish fights early. “I’ve got seven first-round knockouts,” he shared, highlighting his tendency for decisive victories. “Six of them have been in under a minute!” This aggressive approach has not only won him fights but also a multitude of fans who appreciate the intensity and excitement he brings to the cage.

But Theocharis is more than his stats. In our conversation, he delved into his aspirations within the world of MMA, revealing a strategic mindfully aware of the nuances of the sport and the business behind it. “I’m exactly what the UFC wants,” Theocharis confidently stated, reflecting on his impressive record of first-round knockouts.  Tom sets his bar high, and with his track record, the MMA and UFC community are eagerly watching.

In discussing his approach to how he manages his career, Theocharis emphasized the importance of flexibility. “With Unified actually making big waves, they’ve been incredible to work with,” he said, appreciating the platform that has aided in elevating his career. Yet, he remains cautious about committing long-term to any single promotion, understanding the dynamic nature of MMA careers. “I do like to keep my options open and make sure that I’m available for any sort of opportunity that comes my way,” he added, highlighting a strategic approach to career development.

Looking beyond the Unified 55 card, Theocharis has his sights set on larger goals. “I see myself as one of the best fighters Canada has ever produced,” he stated, not just as a boast, but as a belief cultivated through years of perseverance and determination. He envisions a future where he not only competes with the best in the UFC but also leaves a lasting impact on the sport.

As the MMA world turns its eyes to Toronto for the Unified 55 card as well as UFC 297, my eyes will be on Tom Theocharis. With the prospect of a UFC future glimmering on the horizon, this fight could be a pivotal moment in his already impressive career thus far.

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