KSW co-owner on Mariusz Pudzianowski’s return date

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Mariusz Pudzianowski is one of KSW’s most known and popular fighters worldwide. The former strongman has entertained MMA fans with his fights since 2009 when he bested pro boxer Marcin Najman at KSW 12. Now, after his loss to another pro boxer, Artur Szpilka at XTB KSW 83: Colloseum 2 the fans anticipate his return to the circular cage. In his recent interview with “Klatka po Klatce” (Frame after the Cage with both words being written the same in Polish) KSW co-owner Martin Lewandowski stated, that the popular “Pudzila” will fight before the summer vacation season. 

Mariusz Pudzianowski vs. Artut Szpilka

Last June the KSW promotion held its second event at the National Stadium in Warsaw. To repeat the financial and overall success of the previous stadium event, KSW 39: Colosseum, the promotion decided to book the most stacked-up card possible. This meant that all the most popular fighters had to participate in the fight card, including Pudzianowski. And so the popular, former strongman competition was matched up against former WBC title challenger, Artur Szpilka. 

The much more experienced and heavier Pudzianowski was the favorite to win this fight and to do it with ease. However, Szpilka, who had a 2 – 0 MMA record at that time, managed to shake “Pudzilla” with a left hook and beat him up on the ground. It was Pudzianowski’s second consecutive loss, as he previously was stopped by Mamed Chalidov at XTB KSW 77.

Mariusz Pudzianowski’s status

Since his loss Pudzianowski, as it’s customary for him after each fight, switched his focus to his personal and business life. There wasn’t any news about his return or next opponent. However, in the wake of the upcoming KSW Epic event, some rumors started circulating in the Polish MMA community. You see, freak fight-based FAME MMA signed another famous former, pro boxer Tomasz Adamek. So how is it possible, that he will main event the special KSW event against Chalidov? FAME MMA led him to do so, but supposedly at the cost of Pudzianowski fighting at their event. 

During his interview with Klatka po Klatce Youtube channel, KSW co-owner Martin Lewandowski spoke about Pudzianowski’s return date and his potential fight in FAME MMA. When asked about the mentioned rumors Lewandowski said: 

“They weren’t talking with me, so I don’t know who they talked with when it comes down to leasing this particular fighter. Maybe they’ve been talking with his manager. I know what Mariusz thinks, what is his view on things. I can assure you that Mariusz is not going anywhere till his KSW career is over.”

Next Lewandowski replied to a question about the date of Pudzianowski’s potential return:

“He will return in the first half of the year. It may be May, it may be June, but it definitely will be before the summer vacation season.”

Lewandowski explained that the promotion is in the process of closing formalities concerning different future events and fight cards and that’s why they put any announcement on hold. Fans will have to wait to learn when and where the next fight cards will take place, and when Mariusz Pudzianowski will make his highly anticipated return.

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