Mike Tyson vs Fedor Emelianenko in Negotiations for a Boxing Match

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On Tuesday we got the info that one of the biggest dream matchups in the history of combat sports is in advanced stages of negotiation and people are excited, but also confused. The news was first reported by REDFURYMMA on their official IG page: Mike Tyson vs Fedor Emelianenko is in negotiations for a boxing match! 

REDFURYMMA has shown to be a very reliable source for breaking the news when it comes to Russian combat sports and their fighters. According to their report – Fedor and his team stated that they are in an advanced stage of negotiations for a boxing match in Saudi Arabia, against the ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson. The only thing that’s left to figure out, according to Emelianenko, are the finances.

The Baddest Man on the Planet vs The Last Emperor – Worlds Colliding

Over 15 years ago, when Fedor Emelianenko was still at the top of the MMA world and on that legendary win streak, there were some talks about a potential bout between himself and Mike Tyson. It was more ‘chirping’ between the fans and daydreaming about two of the absolute baddest men (in their respective combat branches) going at it.

On various different occasions, both men have shown admiration and respect towards one another, but there was always that conversation on who would win a potential fight between the two. While it has been proven in the past that in an MMA fight – the victor would most likely be the guy with an MMA background and in boxing it goes vice versa – these two are in many old school fans’ eyes a rare breed of men, where rules do not apply.

Simply looked at as mythical creatures, Tyson and Emelianenko enjoy a special status in the combat sports world. It’s clear that personalities make this matchup something extraordinary. A fiery, berserker-like character of Tyson and the cold, immovable nature of ‘The Last Emperor’.

Tyson vs Fedor is a Dream Come True for Old School Fans, but Reality Hits Hard

While it’s obvious that those who have been fans of combat sports, for multiple decades now, would cherish a chance to just witness these two in the same area of combat – reality is that these are different times and both are way past their fighting prime. The competitors are turning 48 and 58 years of age in 2024, respectively.

We are all going to watch it, there is no doubt about it, but what can we expect from the boxing match itself?

Mike Tyson came back during Covid-19 to fight Roy Jones Jr

Last time we saw ‘Iron’ Mike inside the ropes was November 28th of 2020, when he returned after being removed from fighting for over 14 years. Even though he was 54 at the time, both him and Roy Jones Jr. displayed tremendous skill and a rather solid athletic ability. After eight rounds of fighting, judges deemed the fight a split decision draw. 

Tyson was since rumoured to be competing in another exhibition bout, with multiple potential opponents popping up as an option. Most notably, a bout between him and the lineal heavyweight champion of the world ‘Gypsy King’ Tyson Fury was mentioned as a possibility. Those talks eventually fell through, but now it’s very likely we see Tyson in the ring again.

Fedor Emelianenko last competed in February of 2023

The Last Emperor last fought in Bellator, in February 2023. He lost the fight via 1st round TKO against the current reigning Bellator Heavyweight champion, Ryan Bader. After the bout had ended, Emelianenko took the gloves off and while surrounded by many legends, he announced his retirement from the sport of MMA.

Although one of the greatest MMA careers of all time has come to an end, Emelianenko, like many fighters alike, still has the fire to compete in combat. In the bouts prior to his last MMA fight, Fedor showed he still has the punching power and decent speed for his age.

What are your levels of excitement for the potential Mike Tyson vs Fedor Emelianenko boxing match?

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