Bruce Buffer Refuses Jim Miller’s UFC 300 Request

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Jim Miller won’t be getting everything he asked for in his next fight.

After previously fighting at UFC 100 and UFC 200, the longtime lightweight got his wish granted by Dana White to compete at UFC 300 on Apr. 13. Miller’s second bout of the year comes against Bobby Green on the coveted card. 

Bruce Buffer Says No to Jim Miller’s UFC 300 Request

Along with a spot at UFC 300, Miller did ask the veteran of the voice of the Octagon, Bruce Buffer, to announce him as ‘Jim f*cking Miller’ this time around. The problem with that? Buffer isn’t exactly on board with the idea.

“I don’t like cursing in my job,” Buffer said on The Schmozone. “I respect Jim’s wishes. At this point, the answer is no. I’d go for Jim friggin’ Miller maybe.”

Bruce Buffer has been announcing UFC fighters for nearly 28 years. He’s had the honor to introduce ‘A-10’ many times since Miller came onto the scene in 2008. Even with the history, Buffer just won’t budge on Miller’s unique request of him… or will he?

Fight fans will have to wait and find out at UFC 300, when the promotion’s all-time leader in wins is standing across the cage from Bobby ‘King’ Green.

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