Kron Gracie speaks out on the modern MMA

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Kron Gracie shared his thoughts on the current generation of MMA fighters. It looks like a member of the famous Gracie family finally understood that nowadays fighters should try their best to master various martial arts.

On his YouTube channel, Gracie uploaded a duality of movies titled “Kron Gracie: Same Same But Different.” The first part consists of highlights of his training in various martial arts, his other family members training Jiu-Jitsu, clips of his fights in both RIZIN and UFC, and clips of fights of his father, Rickson amongst others. There’s no a single word spoken.

The next movie, titled “Kron Gracie: 2024 Same Same But Different Vol 2” is focused on his training footage. This time, however, Kron speaks his mind about various topics like the pressure associated with being a member of Gracie’s family and the importance of training in various disciplines.

“It was a lot pressure to have the Gracie name, growing up. I was always able to trick myself into not letting it affect me so much. My dad was, like, the best fighter in the world. As a kid, that’s what you want to be like. You want to be like the best in the world. If I wasn’t trying to be the best in the word, I was, like, worthless. It’s always been my future. Why shouldn’t I be better than him?”

Kron Gracie continues his monologue by speaking out about his family legacy and their attitude toward the need for training in various disciplines. In his own words, the whole process reminds a molding, where one creates his style of fighting.

“Growing up, it was all about jiu-jitsu. Everybody did jiu-jitsu to fight. Jiu-jitsu to prove they can beat up a boxer or beat up a wrestler. You’re trying to prove yourself to prove your martial art. Now, it’s merged into a way where you can’t just be good at one martial art and be very successful against everybody who’s at the highest level. My dad doesn’t understand that. My grandfather wouldn’t understand that. This generation is already completely different. I think the martial arts is like your own moulding. Martial arts, for me, is jiu-jitu, boxing and judo. When I say I’m a martial artist is because I built my own formula and I appreciate all the martial arts.”

Kron Gracie followed his family’s tradition of training in Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu. He excelled in grappling and even won a gold medal at the ADCC Worlds in Beijing back in 2013. Next, he switched to mixed martial arts. He made his debut at Real Fighting Championship Real 1 and submitted Kim Hyung-soo with an armbar. He continued his winning ways in RIZIN, where he won all of his next three fights with submissions. Despite being a greenhorn in the world of MMA, Gracie managed to submit such Japanese legends as Hideo Tokoro and Tatsuya Kawajiri.

He made his UFC debut in 2019 by besting Alex Caceres. However, his winning streak came to an end with a unanimous decision loss to Cub Swanson at UFC Fight Night 161. Gracie was criticized, also by his father, for focusing his offense on striking and hesitating to use his grappling skills. After an over two-year hiatus Gracie returned to the octagon to face Charles Jourdain at UFC 288. This time he switched his fighting style to grappling, which included sitting down on the mat and following his opponent in a seated position. Once again he lost by a unanimous decision.

It looks like Kron Gracie finally decided to embrace the all-around nature of the MMA and try to incorporate various disciplines into his fighting style. The only question is if he’s not too late. It’s unknown when and even if he will enter the octagon again.

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