‘Still A Problem’ Joe Pyfer Opens Up On First UFC Loss

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Joe Pyfer’s hype train came to a halt this weekend. 

Jack Hermansson Teaches Joe Pyfer a Veteran’s Lesson in Bodybagz First UFC Loss

Three straight KO’s in the Octagon landed Pyfer his first main event slot at UFC Vegas 86. On Saturday, the unranked UFC Middleweight faced grizzled veteran Jack Hermansson across the distance. Unfortunately for Pyfer, the fight didn’t pan out in his favor, ultimately losing a unanimous decision to ‘The Joker’. 

The knockout artist started off strong in rounds 1 and 2, but lost his momentum the longer the five-round fight went on.

Pyfer would take time to reflect on the setback, his first in the UFC and third overall in his pro career. 

“I just want to say I’m okay,” Pyfer said on his Instagram story. “Despite how my face looks, I wasn’t rocked. I got punched in the eyeball, I couldn’t see. He did a good job [kicking] the calf. I feel like the eye when I lost vision, I failed that round. I lost that round and then just I couldn’t get it back, and then he did a good job on the calf.

“To all my haters, suck a fat d***,” Pyfer continued. “I wasn’t supposed to be here anyway. I give it 100 percent every time, and yeah, we’ll make adjustments, and we’ll come back. Thank you to all my sponsors. Thank you to everybody who supports me. And yeah, good job, Jack.”

While Joe Pyfer wasn’t able to get his hand raised in the headliner, the 27 year-old from Philadelphia still has a ton of potential. Sometimes you can take away a lot more from losses than victories. 

“Life is all about living and learning!” Pyfer wrote on Instagram. “I was confident I was bold and I was daring. There is no A for effort but I had a blast last night! I get to live the life I’ve always wanted. I went 5 rounds with a vet and it was a close fight. I lost a decision 3-2 but I didn’t lose in life. I will learn I will only get better and stronger.

“This was a huge moment and my first main event. I handled more this camp than any other!! I’m grateful for this life and I’m not sad I’m hungry to heal up and get back out there. Small adjustments and big lessons! I’m still me and I’m still a problem. No apologies this is the fight game!! Thank you to my team and my coaches we roll on baby!!!”

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