Wanderlei Silva is ready to box with “Rampage”

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Wanderlei Silva is ready to enter the boxing ring and renew his rivalry with Quinton Jackson.

In an Instagram video posted by a Brazilian journalist, Ana Hidds,”The Axe Murderer” responded to Quinton Jackson’s statement, from his recent interview on The MMA Hour. In the interview “Rampage” stated that after his boxing debut against ex-WBO heavyweight champ, Shannon Brigs, he wants to trade punches with his former foes – Rashad Evans and Silva. The bout itself will take place on June 1 in Qatar.

Silva said in Hiddi’s video:

“I couldn’t wake up to better news. My archenemy Quinton Jackson will make his boring debut and already said he has the intention to do the fifth fight with Wanderlei Silva. I think that’s more than fair because I’ve knocked him out twice, and he beat me twice as well. So we’ll have the fifth fight, in boxing. “Get ready Quinton Jackson, your time is coming. The challenge is more than accepted. Wanderlei will hang you on the ropes again. Get ready.”

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Wanderlei Silva vs. Quinton Jackson rivalry:

The bad blood between the two started on the road to the 2003 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix. Jackson started targeting Wanderlei after his losing effort to Kazushi Sakuraba at Pride 15. At Pride 25 “Rampage” defeated Kevin Randlleman and in his post-fight interview started targeting Silva once again. This led to the two of them being separated by security.

Pride Final Conflict 2003

The first encounter between the two took place back in 2003 at Pride Final Conflict 2003. It was the 2003 Pride Middleweight Grand Prix finals. The fight lasted 6:28 when the referee stopped due to “Rampage” receiving a knee strikes in a Muay-Thai clinch followed by a soccer kicks.

Pride 28

The two fight almost a year later at Prdie 28. This time ended at 3:26 of round 2. This time “The Axe Murder” established control in a Muay Thai clinch, and delivered a few knee strikes to Jackson’s head. Consequently, Jackson slumped into the ropes, rendered unconscious, with blood streaming from his face. Wanderlei Silva defended his Pride Middleweight title in the process.

UFC 92

Both fighters made a jump to UFC – Jackson at the end of 2006 and Silva after Pride closed its’ doors in 2007. Their third meeting was part of the UFC 92 fight card.

At 3:21 into the first round, following a flurry from Wanderlei where he unsuccessfully threw a right-hand punch, Jackson responded with a left hook to Silva’s jaw. This resulted in Silva hitting the canvas and losing consciousness. Jackson continued with three ground punches to Silva’s head, with two landing even after referee Yves Lavigne tried to stop the fight.

Bellator 206

Following disappointing performances against Chael Sonnen, “Rampage” and Wanderlei Silva were scheduled to meet at Bellator 206 in San Jose, California, in a Heavyweight bout.

During the initial round, Silva employed his jab, and both fighters had their share of moments while connecting with shots. Jackson delivered a body kick, which appeared to be one of the notable strikes in the round.

In the second round, Jackson initiated aggressively with a powerful right hand that inflicted damage on Silva. Despite appearing fatigued, Silva managed to participate in a striking exchange. The flurry of strikes persisted until Jackson landed another impactful right hand, causing Silva to drop. Jackson maintained control against the cage, delivering punches until referee Mike Beltrand intervened at 4:32, declaring Rampage the victor by TKO and concluding the longstanding rivalry.

Now, with a 2 – 2 score of rivalry, a hope for a tie-breaking bout appeared, however, this time inside a boxing ring.

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