The 3 Most Anticipated MMA Fights of 2024

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2024 promises to be another huge year for MMA, and even sees the return of a legend to the sport. The hype has already started to grow for some of the biggest fights, including some that are fast approaching and others that are going to take place a bit later in the year. 

Plenty of people are waiting with bated breath as they try to predict exactly what will happen in multiple weight divisions of the UFC, and there are some fights that look like they will be extremely close calls. 

A look at the current UFC odds shows which of the fighters are currently the favorites for each of the fights, but there’s plenty of time for things to change, and potential outsiders that could create an upset. 2024 has fight fans drooling at the prospect of some amazing UFC matchups.

Sean O’Malley vs. Marlon Vera II

O’Malley will be out for revenge in this bout, which is fast approaching. O’Malley vs. Vera 2 is booked for the 9th March at the Kaseye Center in Miami. It will be the first bout to take place there in almost 12 months and represents a chance for Sean O’Malley to potentially avenge his first-round defeat when the two met before. 

Vera is a powerful fighter who is extremely fit, and it seems that grappling could be a huge factor in the fight. The styles of the fighters could cause a really interesting clash and it is unlikely that we’ll see O’Malley bow out so early again. 

There is some extra spice added to the fight through the fact that O’Malley doesn’t even think he lost the original fight. He claims that his leg gave out rather than being taken out by his opponent in the original fight: “He didn’t take me down. My leg completely gave out, and I landed on my back. It happened like that, it is what it is, but it doesn’t affect me at all going into this fight.”

O’Malley does have a stunning record other than this one fight, and a fight that ended in a no-contest after he took on Pedro Munhoz. Loads of people are very excited about the O’Malley vs Vera 2 contest that will be taking place in March. 

Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic (Finally)

We’ve been hyped for Jon Jones vs. Stipe Miocic for a long time now, and this is going to be one of the era-defining fights in the heavyweight division. Sadly, due to an injury, the two had to call off an original contest that was booked in 2023, to the dismay of some very excited fans. 

Nobody can really complain about the circumstances in which the fight was canceled, though. Jones was going to defend his title on November 11th at Madison Square Garden, but during training, he managed to accidentally tear a pectoral tendon fully off the bone. This painful and serious injury then led to surgery, and there was no way that the two could’ve fought at the back end of 2023. 

Dana White has promised that this fight will finally take place in 2024: “This fight was set up, this fight needs to happen,” she said. “Two of the biggest legends of the sport want the fight. We are eagerly awaiting details of Jones and his recovery as we get ready to view one of the greatest fights ever seen in the division (we hope).

Conor McGregor vs. Michael Chandler

Whatever “The Notorious” does is bound to be met with a lot of attention, whether that means making whiskey or doing what he made his name doing, fighting. 

The return date hasn’t been announced, and though some people thought he might return for the landmark UFC 300, it is now looking more likely that McGregor will return in the summer, in one of the upcoming events. John Kavanagh is his coach and has mooted the summer for his return. 

It’s really impossible to say how he will perform. McGregor suffered a badly broken leg and had some time out of the sport. In fact, we didn’t know if he would ever return, but now it seems that we will see him up against the former Bellator champion and impressive fighter Michael Chandler.

Assuming this fight goes ahead, it is bound to be one of the most exciting events we’ve seen in recent years.


The full schedule for MMA and UFC in 2024 is not yet known, of course, and we could see changes just like we saw when the Jon Jones fight had to be postponed last year. However, as things stand, these three fights look to be some of the most exciting events in the year and could draw some huge viewing figures in the year UFC hits its 300 mark.

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