Cain Velasquez’s trial postponed again

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Cain Velasquez remains confronted with attempted murder charges stemming from his 2022 arrest, yet there is still uncertainty surrounding when, or if, he will face trial.

In proceedings held on Wednesday, the former UFC heavyweight champion appeared in two separate Santa Clara County, Calif., courtrooms about his case. Velasquez was apprehended following an alleged high-speed pursuit of a vehicle containing Harry Goularte, accused of sexually abusing Velasquez’s son at a daycare owned by Goularte’s mother. During the incident, Velasquez reportedly discharged multiple rounds from a handgun into the vehicle, resulting in non-life-threatening injuries to Goularte’s stepfather, Paul Bender.

In his initial court appearance on Wednesday, Velasquez appeared before Judge Shella Deen, who presided over discussions regarding two subpoenas seeking information before proceeding to trial.

The first subpoena involved records from the UFC, requested by Velasquez’s attorney Renee Hessling. Although representatives from the promotion responded, no paperwork was received. Judge Deen ordered the UFC to provide the records, setting a new date on March 6 to confirm receipt of the information.

The second subpoena concerned records linked to the daycare formerly owned by Patty Goularte, where Velasquez’s son was allegedly mistreated by her son. Hessling and an attorney representing the Goularte family engaged in a debate over the records, prompting the judge to intervene before instructing both parties to return for another hearing on April 17. Judge Deen emphasized the need for time to review the records, including a motion to quash the subpoena filed by the Goularte family attorney on Wednesday.

Due to delays in obtaining the records associated with the subpoenas, Judge Benjamin Williams postponed setting a trial date for Velasquez, despite strong objections from Santa Clara County Assistant District Attorney Aaron French. French also disclosed ongoing discussions among prosecutors, the defense, and Judge Arthur Bocanegra regarding a potential resolution that could circumvent the need for a trial.

Aaron French said:

“I object to further trial setting, I would like to have a trial date today, but the people are open to continue to negotiate the case with the defense, and if we can reach a resolution prior to trial, then I’m open to those discussions”

Interestingly enough, back in November 2022, Velasquez was out on $1 million bail. He was allowed to fly to Tempe, Arizona, to participate in a Lucha Libre AAA Worldwide event. His departure was set for December 1, and was obliged to return on December 4. During this time he was allowed to travel without his GPS monitoring device. Consequently, the judge has mandated that Velasquez enlist the services of a police officer to accompany him on the trip.

MMA community’s stand on the case

As developments were unfolding, the MMA community closely followed the case, expressing varied opinions on Velasquez’s actions and the legal proceedings.

Various fighters from many promotions expressed mixed sentiments regarding Cain Velasquez’s legal situation. Some fighters, such as Daniel Cormier and Khabib Nurmagomedov supported Velasquez, citing his contributions to the sport and emphasizing the complexities of the circumstances.

UFC CEO, Dana White spoke on the case, acknowledging the legal process and refraining from making definitive statements on Velasquez’s situation. Scott Coker, then President of Bellator MMA, issued a similar stance, emphasizing the need for due process while expressing concern for all parties involved.

MMA fans initiated online petitions, expressing support for Velasquez and calling for a fair legal process.

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