Amanda Serrano vs. Nina Meinke Scrapped Last Second

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The plug has been pulled for a women’s boxing headliner.

Undisputed featherweight champion Amanda Serrano was scheduled to face Nina Meinke on Saturday in Puerto Rico. Unfortunately, Serrano’s home game at the El Coliseo de Puerto Rico in San Juan was officially cancelled right after Jake Paul’s TKO of Ryan Bourland in the c0-main event.

The cause? An eye injury that Serrano had reportedly suffered the day before fight night. The champ was not cleared to compete by the Puerto Rico Boxing Commission as a result.

Ariel Helwani would shed light on how Serrano’s ill-timed injury came to be.

“According to Nakisa Bidarian, Serrano had her hair done Thursday night. She went for a run on Friday, a chemical from the hair went into her eye. It starting bothering her Friday and that’s why she wore glasses at the ceremonials. Bothered her all day today and when they examined her tonight at the arena the commission doctor wouldn’t clear her. She tried to convince them otherwise but alas no luck. Jake Paul adds that the chemical burnt her cornea and hand.”

Helwani also reported that promoter Bidarian was under the impression ‘the eye was going to heal’ after Serrano was given drops on Friday, but to no avail.

“This to all my beautiful Fans, My Island, My fellow fighters who have been sending me well wishes With a Torn Broken Heart I want to say I’m So Sorry,” Serrano wrote on ‘X’ regarding her fight cancellation. “Everyone who knows me knows I’m a warrior & I would never agree to cancel a fight. I would have fought without an eye or arm. To my opponent @ninathebrave you’re an amazing respectful fighter. I thank you and promise you we will fight & you will get your title opportunity. You deserve it all.

“To My Managers @jakepaul I love you with all my heart Nakisa you too. You’re my life line and savior you guys gave me meaning To my Entire Heart Jordan on your birthday I Fumbled the ball I’m Sorry & I Love you more than life. I’m torn.”

Most Valuable Promotions, who put on the event, will be paying Serrano’s opponent Meinke her full fight purse, per a press release. That’s not all, as the fans in attendance can obtain a full refund on their tickets because of the last-minute main event letdown.

The sold-out boxing event reportedly did a $1.5M gate and broke the record for highest ticket sales out of any boxing event held in Puerto Rico’s history.

You can read MVP’s full statement on the cancellation below:

“Amanda Serrano has unfortunately been declared medically unfit by the Puerto Rican Boxing Commission to fight tonight due to an eye injury she sustained yesterday. She is devastated that she won’t be able to perform in front of her hometown fans, but despite wanting to go out and put on a show, the Commission said there is no way she can fight with her eye in its current condition.

“This decision equally affects Nina Meinke and MVP will be paying her fight purse in full. MVP and Amanda would like to apologize to everyone in attendance and the company will provide full refunds for all those seeking it. Details to follow on the ticket refund process.

Amanda is proud of the way her fellow MVP teammates have competed tonight, she appreciates the love and support of her fans, and hopes to return to the ring soon.”

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