Vitor Belfort proposes a new gloves for a hybrid fighting

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Vitor Belfort, is advocating for changes in boxing regulations to level the playing field when MMA fighters transition to boxing. One of which includes special gloves that he designed specially for hybrid rules matchups.

On Wednesday, Belfort, also known as “The Phenom,” engaged in a conversation with former UFC fighter Carlos Barreto and Sherdog, covering the past, present, and future of MMA. During the discussion about the sport’s early years, Belfort, a 46-year-old Rio de Janeiro native and fellow student of Carlson Gracie along with Barreto, unveiled a unique hybrid glove he designed. This glove, reminiscent of a traditional martial arts training glove like those used in karate, features top padding similar to a boxing glove but incorporates finger holes to facilitate grappling. The glove’s weight will be customized based on the fighters’ weights, ranging from eight to 12 ounces. Belfort believes that this innovative design could enhance the chances of MMA fighters transitioning to boxing.

Barreto responded with a suggestion that more obstacles should be put in front of boxers so that MMA fighters could compete on an even playing field.

“I’m talking about more hybrid challenges a long time,” Barreto noted. “If they don’t want kicks and ground fighting, at least takedowns.”

Belfort passionately intervened, expressing frustration about the perceived rigidity of boxing traditions.

“Forget about that I tried the use of that glove with Oscar De La Hoya and Roy Jones Jr. only allowing hand fighting and they denied immediately,” Belfort complained. “But it must change. [Conor] McGregor, myself, Anderson [Silva], [Francis] Ngannou, we all accept to fight 100% in their rules; it’s time for boxers to take some risks too.”

When discussing Ngannou’s upcoming boxing match against Anthony Joshua on March 8, Belfort emphasized the potential impact of his proposed glove design.

“I have no doubt that if Ngannou fought Anthony Joshua with that glove, allowing hand-fighting, he [would] win via knockout with an uppercut,” the Brazilian guaranteed.

Undeterred, Belfort plans to persist in promoting his glove concept, seeking acceptance within the boxing community. Regardless of the outcome, he intends to return to the ring soon, teasing a bout with a notable opponent while keeping the details under wraps.

“Unfortunately, I can’t give the name yet,” Belfort stated. “All I can say is that he is one of the biggest boxing legends of all time and also that we are negotiating to fight in the world fighting capital [of Las Vegas].”

While he refrained from disclosing the opponent’s identity, he ruled out the possibility of facing Wanderlei Silva, his longtime rival, who was recently announced as an upcoming inductee into the UFC Hall of Fame. Even in rivalry, Belfort acknowledged Silva’s achievement and respected his induction into the prestigious list of names.

“Totally fair,” he remarked. “I [was] moved to see Wanderlei being recognized for all he did for the sport. We have to face the fact that if it was not for me, Anderson and Wanderlei, the sport would [not have reached] the current [point where it is] in Brazil.”

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