Israel Galvan Eyes Title and UFC Call Up at CFFC 130

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On March 8th, Israel “El Huracan” Galvan (6-3) returns to the CFFC cage in Tampa, FL, aiming to shock the MMA world by dethroning the undefeated Badmatsyren “Immortal Lotus” Dorzhiev (8-0) in the main event of CFFC 130. For Galvan, this isn’t just another fight; it’s a career-defining moment. The coveted CFFC Flyweight Championship hangs in the balance, dangling the promise of gold and a potential ticket to the UFC‘s Flyweight Division. This division is undergoing a resurgence, presenting a prime opportunity for a hungry fighter like Galvan to seize the moment and elevate his career to the next level.

Israel Galvan on CFFC 130: “. . .I beat this guy, I want top-16 [in the UFC]”.

Galvan’s fighting spirit runs deep. A passion for combat sports ignited when he first donned boxing gloves at the age of 8. This spark transformed into a full-fledged MMA career, and now, nearly 15 years later, he stands on the cusp of his first major championship.

While respectful of Dorzhiev’s flawless record, Galvan doesn’t back down from asserting his belief that Dorzhiev’s path has been cushioned. “No disrespect, but he [Immortal Lotus] has been taking easy fights,” Galvan boldly stated on the 4oz to Freedom Podcast. This isn’t just bluster; a deeper look into Dorzhiev’s history, compared to the gauntlet of former champions and top contenders Galvan has already faced, lends weight to this bold claim.

Success for Galvan, however, is a team effort. His father, Josue Galvan, heads H&K Fight Management, representing Israel’s career interests. Their unique dynamic balances a strong familial bond with professional strategy. This ensures Israel avoids cherry-picked matchups and seeks out worthy challenges that will push his skills to the limit. “We want fights where it’s ‘even’,” Israel explains. “you know you shouldn’t be fighting dudes that don’t have business being in there with you”.

In preparation for this critical bout, Galvan sought the expertise of renowned boxing coach Danny Garcia at Syndicate MMA in Las Vegas. These specialized sessions further refine his striking prowess, adding another layer to his already rigorous training with Rogue MMA and Lewisville Boxing teams. Galvan’s aggressive style and willingness to exchange in the pocket make him a dangerous and unpredictable opponent for anyone in the division.

The road after CFFC 130 is crystal clear in Galvan’s mind. The ideal scenario involves a swift UFC call-up followed immediately by a top-15 debut fight. “This year or next year, you know like when my first fight in the UFC after I beat this guy, I want a top 15” Israel added, “I want an undefeated guy again. Like give me [one of] those undefeated guys that everyone doesn’t want to fight”. This ambition underscores Galvan’s hunger to not just compete in the UFC, but to leave his undeniable mark on the division and make a statement with his arrival.

If you want to witness this thrilling clash and the potential birth of a UFC star, mark your calendars. CFFC 130 goes down live on March 8th. Catch the prelims starting at 7:00 PM ET on CFFC’s OnlyFans, followed by the action-packed Main Card on UFC Fight Pass at 9:00 PM ET.

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