Conor McGregor Still Eager to Fight

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Conor McGregor expresses his eagerness to step back into the octagon, yet he admits to a lack of substantial dialogue with the UFC regarding his potential comeback.

While McGregor actively promotes his upcoming acting venture in the Road House remake, discussions concerning his fighting future inevitably arise during interviews. However, he finds himself short on definitive answers. Despite persistent speculation surrounding a potential showdown with Michael Chandler at UFC 300, no concrete plans materialized for that event.

McGregor Hopes to Fight Soon

Subsequently, McGregor earmarked UFC 303 on June 29 as a potential return date, only for UFC CEO Dana White to hint at a comeback in the fall, dampening those hopes. McGregor emphasizes that he is awaiting guidance from the UFC regarding his next move.

“I would love [to fight on June 29],” McGregor said in an interview with talkSport. “If they give me that, then we can go ahead and straight away for sure. I did call for that also [at The Sphere in September], that would be great for me. June 29, and then The Sphere, and then what? What happens then, I don’t know.

“I wonder do they know. There’s been no talk about anything. So I wonder what next.”

Addressing potential opponents, McGregor expresses a desire for rematches, notably mentioning a trilogy bout with Nate Diaz at The Sphere in Las Vegas. However, White swiftly dismissed the possibility, much to McGregor’s chagrin.

“It’s good to see [Dustin] Poirier get that win [at UFC 299],” McGregor said. “That makes this the quadrilogy, we’ll say the real trilogy, the finish of it, to put an end to it, to put a finish to it. That is a huge bout right now. I anticipate the result will go that way, and I was happy to see it. That’s a big one for sure.

“Obviously, I’ve got the Diaz trilogy. That’s what I had said for The Sphere. There was cold water put on that publicly off the bat, and I wasn’t happy with that. I need discussion, a conversation, because if I lose interest, I’m not getting anything back, and I just drift off. I hope I can get something in and get dialed in.”

Michael Chandler

Furthermore, McGregor acknowledges Michael Chandler as a probable opponent for his return to the UFC, although discussions on this front seem stagnant. Consequently, McGregor indicates a willingness to face any opponent for his comeback, emphasizing the urgency of securing a bout sooner rather than later.

“Chandler, of course, I assume that will be the first one. I would assume that would be the first one,” McGregor said. “The opponent doesn’t matter. I just wish for a nice run-up, a bit of transparency and let me go for it again.”

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