Acting Harder Than MMA? Joe Rogan Shuts Down Conor McGregor’s ‘Crazy Talk’

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Joe Rogan isn’t on the same boat as Conor McGregor.

In his latest career move, the UFC superstar crossed over to the movie screen for his acting debut in ‘Road House’. McGregor starred alongside Jake Gyllenhaal in Doug Liman’s reimagining of the 1989 classic which had Patrick Swayze.

McGregor’s been in his fair share of fights in the UFC, stepping into the Octagon a total of 14 times since his promotional debut in 2013. 11 of those fights were scheduled for five rounds, with 4 having a title on the line.

After fighting at the highest level for many years, it came as a bit of surprise whenever ‘The Notorious’ claimed MMA fighting was more of a challenge than acting.

“Acting [is harder],” McGregor told JOE. “Time consumption, and it’s not just action and fighting and stunts, it’s also remembering the line and you have to time things correctly, you’re engaging with another person.

“It’s just a difficult game, a lot more difficult than I gave it credit for.”

UFC commentator Rogan was quick to dismiss McGregor’s comments, citing the former champion has it much easier working on set than fighting another man in the Octagon.

“That’s not true. Act in Road House or fight Khabib again. Shut the f*** up. That is crazy talk,” Rogan responded to McGregor on his podcast. “He broke his f****** leg in a fight. He broke his leg. Like, that’s harder. That’s way harder than f****** acting.”

Rogan referenced McGregor breaking his leg in his last time out against Dustin Poirier. The Irishman has not fought since the devastating injury and actually found the time for ‘Road House’ in his long layoff from the sport.

McGregor’s acting debut was meant to be more of a cameo like Post Malone in the film, but his role as ‘Knox’ grew into something so much more than that. The scenes started piling up for McGregor and the UFC star stole the show, playing an exaggerated version of himself.

Say what you want about his acting ability, but if Rogan knows anything about McGregor, it’s:

“The guy’s promoting a movie, he’s a great promoter,” Rogan said. “He’s an amazing promoter. He’s the best promoter in the history of the sport. No one even comes close. There’s Conor McGregor and then everybody else.

While the movie industry is a totally different animal than MMA, Joe Rogan refuses to believe the long-hour days of Hollywood pack a harder punch than sink-or-swim battles in the Octagon.

“‘Reveals why acting is harder than MMA’, that’s just a clickbait bulls*** headline that you fell for, son. Acting is harder? Time consumption?… It takes a lot of time. There’s a lot of sitting around. If you’re acting, you’re gonna be on a set 16 hours a day. You’re probably gonna be sitting around for 10, waiting for your [line] especially if you’re Conor, you’re not Jake Gyllenhaal.”

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