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Torrez Finney Talks DWCS and Future

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In the latest episode of the Couch Warrior Podcast, host Mike sits down with MMA fighter Torrez Finney, delving into his journey from high school wrestling to becoming a rising star in the world of mixed martial arts. Finney’s unique path, filled with unexpected twists, showcases his dedication, resilience, and passion for the sport.

Torrez Finney: From the Wrestling Mat to the MMA Cage

Finney’s journey into MMA began with a background in high school wrestling, where he became a two-time state champion. Despite the suggestions from others that his wrestling style would be well-suited for MMA, Finney initially resisted the idea. His love for professional wrestling and other mainstream sports dominated his interests.

However, a twist of fate during his college years at the University of Tennessee at Chattanooga, coupled with the uncertainty surrounding the continuation of his football career due to the COVID-19 pandemic, led Finney to explore other athletic avenues.

“I felt personally in my heart that I wasn’t done with my athletic career. I just felt like I still have more to give. I still felt like I had more in the tank to give towards to my athletic career.”

He dipped his toes into boxing during recovery from a football injury and found an unexpected passion.

Finney delves into the reason behind his brief stint in boxing – a football injury that left him seeking a competitive outlet. His foray into the boxing world laid the foundation for what would become a successful MMA career. As Finney immersed himself in boxing, he discovered an unexpected intrigue in the sport, eventually leading him to explore the world of mixed martial arts.

“It really captured my heart and man, we’ve been on this train ever since, since June of 2020.”

This marked the beginning of his journey in mixed martial arts, a path he has been following since June 2020.

The Contender Series Call:

Finney’s first professional fight took place on October 20th, following rigorous football training and conditioning. Despite the fatigue, he secured an impressive 11-second knockout, marking the beginning of his professional MMA career. Within two years, Finney received the opportunity to showcase his skills on Dana White’s Contender Series.

Transitioning to the pinnacle of his early career, Finney discusses receiving the call to fight on the Contender Series. With just two years as a professional fighter, his journey accelerated. Finney’s contagious excitement is palpable as he shares the behind-the-scenes moment when he received the call to fight on October 11th, marking a significant step in his budding career.

The Contender Series Experience:

Finney explained his thought process during the Contender Series fight, acknowledging the pressure to secure a contract by finishing the fight. Despite overcoming adversity early and scoring a second-round knockout, Finney was denied a contract and received feedback from Dana White that emphasized further development before securing a UFC contract. His positive attitude shines through as he expresses gratitude for the opportunity and a commitment to continuous improvement.

“It gives me more time to go and get better. And it gives me time to go back and think about what I necessarily need to do and continue to get better at what I’m doing because I do think about it. I am 25 years old. Heck, how many 25 year olds are 7 and 0 as a professional, having that under their belt to be able to fight on the Contender Series. So I’m not mad at it. I just know I can continue to keep getting better but no I wasn’t mad at that necessarily.”

Cross Training and Sparring Experiences

Delving into his training regimen, Finney highlights his experiences at Xtreme Couture, training with Coach Eric Nicksick and engaging in sparring sessions with the talented Sean Strickland. He emphasizes the importance of learning from the best to elevate his skills, showcasing a mature mindset and dedication to constant improvement.

Looking to the Future

While Finney awaits his next opportunity, he shares his thoughts on potential UFC matchups, expressing interest in facing fighters like Jamie Pickett or Cody Brundage. His measured approach and confidence reveal a fighter ready for any challenge that comes his way.

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