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Jake Peacock Happy To Be An Inspiration Following ONE Friday Fights 58 Win

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Jake Peacock secured his chance to compete for ONE Championship by winning the Road to ONE: Canada. That, in and of itself, was an inspirational story for the limb-different athlete. However, Peacock did not just come to be a story; he came to ONE to compete against the world’s best strikers.

At ONE Friday Fights 58, Peacock showed everybody he could handle himself under the bright lights. In a three-round battle against Kohei Shinjo, Peacock got a unanimous decision victory. Grateful for the opportunity, Peacock was able to reflect on his performance following the event.

Jake Peacock: “I’m going straight back to the drawing board.”

“[My debut] was domination from bell to bell. And there’s no doubt I deserved the decision. I had fun in there, got settled in, and took my time. I didn’t get the finish. I was always looking for it, but it was nice for me to settle in for my debut,” Peacock reflected to ONE.

There will be little rest for the British-Canadian athlete. Always looking to continue improving, Peacock assured everyone that he would be right back in the gym. After a dominant debut, “The One” is ready for whatever challenge comes his way next.

“I’m going to go straight back to the drawing board. I’ve got a lot to work on. I always do after fights. Whether I win them in the first round or they go the distance, there’s always room for improvement, so I’m going to keep my head down, go straight back to the gym, and stay ready for the next call,” the inspirational athlete said.

There could be plenty of options in the stacked bantamweight division. For Peacock, he is ready to sign on the dotted line against any of the talented Muay Thai athletes. No single name stands out for “The One,” as he is just looking to continue to showcase his skills on the global stage.

“I’ve never called people out. Whoever’s thrown at me, I’ve never turned down a fight. I’m always down for a scrap, so send a name, and there’ll be a nod at the end of it. I want to continue to challenge myself. I want to end up fighting the very best, and I want to give glory to God along the way in everything I do,” Peacock stated.

As a limb-different athlete, Peacock knows he can be a beacon of hope for all people who get the opportunity to see him compete. He accepts that willingly and hopes that his showing at ONE Friday Fights 58 is just the beginning of his time on the global stage. But make no mistake: he is also in ONE to rise through the ranks to chase a dream to the top of the Muay Thai mountain.

“I really hope I can inspire and motivate people from all walks of life. I think I am doing that, and I am very grateful to have that stage and be a good role model to people. I’m going to inspire others, and I’m going to entertain the masses,” Peacock said.

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