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Hyder Amil Reveals DWCS Secret With MLH Media

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In a recent episode of the MLH Media Podcast, Hyder “The Hurricane” Amil, the 9-0 featherweight shared insights into his Filipino roots, his journey with juggling life outside fighting in the UFC, along taking us through his preparation for his fight against Road to UFC Asia’s Jeong Yeong Lee at UFC Fight Night: Lemos vs. Jandriroba on July 20th. 

Hyder Amil Reveals He Battled Through Sickness in DWCS Fight

“… I am very excited about the matchup though, it’s gonna be an exciting fight and something that probably shouldn’t be in the Apex, it’s a fight that probably should be in an arena. So I am using this as my ticket into an arena”

Also in the interview, Amil went into more detail about his performance on the Dana White Contender Series in August of last year over Emrah Somnez. 

“Yeah, you don’t forget a fight like that. It was very tiring… I made a mistake the night before I ate sushi in Vegas and it gave me food poisoning, so I did that fight with food poisoning.”

Although Amil won the fight via unanimous decision, it did not come without a valiant effort from Somnez, with Amil defending 18 of 23 takedown attempts from Somnez in what is still a DWCS record. 

I think if anything can be learned from this story it is two things: the heart of some of Hyder’s mentors like Gilbert Melendez and Nate Diaz have reigned into “The Hurricane” as he seems to be relentless in his career pursuit. Secondly, may want to stay away from raw fish or sushi in the “sin city”. 

For those interested in learning more about Hyder’s “The Hurricane” Amil and his journey, the full interview is available on the MLH Media YouTube channel.

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