How to Watch

Get the winning MMA streaming connection every time you connect to PIA VPN.

Watching MMA using a VPN (Virtual Private Network) can be a helpful way to access content that may be restricted in your region or to enhance your online privacy.

Benefits of Steaming MMA with a VPN

  • Mask your IP address using our international server network
  • Forget about buffering with our lightning-fast servers
  • Encrypt your traffic to defeat ISP throttling

Don’t get caught with insane buffering! Whether it’s network admins blocking your access, or slow connection speeds creating a buffering nightmare, use PIA VPN to minimize interruptions.

Use PIA VPN and get server access in ALL 50 US states, big cities from around Canada, and many throughout the UK, EU, and around the world!

Stream the MMA’s Top Cards

3 Steps to Fight Streaming

  1. Choose a reliable, reputable VPN service

We prefer PIA VPN.

2. Connect to a server

Connect to a server where the fight is covered. Don’t miss a single game with PIA VPN’s international server network. PIA will give you access to VPN’s in 84 countries!

3. Login to a streaming account

If you have a subscription to official MMA streaming services, visit their websites or apps and log in. You should now be able to watch the matches without any regional restrictions.


ESPN+ MMA has a fantastic array of MMA fights both free to watch and pay-per-view.

UFC Fight Pass

Of course it doesn’t get bigger than the UFC. Getting the company’s Fight Pass will give you many free fights from around the world including exclusives from UFC and a vault of past fights.

Once connected to the VPN and logged into the streaming service, you can watch MMA events as if you were in the region where the content is accessible.

Make sure your VPN service provides a fast and reliable connection to enjoy a seamless MMA streaming experience. PIA VPN will give you all that and then some.