Write For Us

Interested in joining Sucka? Excellent!

What Sucka and LWOS Can Do For You:

  • Join MMASucka, part of the LWOS network with 20 sports websites and over 300 writers
  • Build your writing portfolio and brand
  • Hone your writing skills
  • We can help you market yourself and your new column
  • Help promote your articles in many different areas
  • Access to our audience
  • Access to some industry leading experts, which is imperative for any site’s growth
  • You will join the thriving LWOS community to meet other writers and sport fans
  • Upward mobility — we hire from within, and there are opportunities to join our administrative team and be financially compensated

What is a Contributor?

Contributors are writers who can commit to writing weekly, though they are able to write more frequently. Our focus is on analyses, news, and thoughtful commentary.

Will I get paid?

MMASucka.com and Last Word On Sports INC are proud to announce our remuneration plan is in beta test. Writers and editors will receive some financial compensation based on the success of their articles.

Application Process

MMASucka requires a sample article from each candidate. We ask for 500-1000 words focused on analysis of a fight, an event, MMA news or other storyline pertaining to the sport.

Be sure you proofread your article before submitting. Our usual timeframe to review your application is 48-72 hours.

Email the sample to: [email protected]

***Due to labour law, you must be 16 years or older to write for MMASucka.com and Last Word On Sports INC.