Vitor Belfort KOs Dan Henderson in superb First Round finish


The intensity on Vitor Belfort’s face, combined with the deafening sound of the crowd, truly represents how important this fight was for him and Brazil. With several Brazilian fighters losing tonight, the pressure on Belfort must have been immense. Not to mention, Dan Henderson is no walk in the park, and seemed just as determined to come away with a win tonight.

Vitor Belfort KOs Dan Henderson in superb First Round finish

They are two of the most legendary fighters to ever grace the sport of MMA, and given their celebrated styles of fighting, this had all the makings of another great fight.

As the first round started, both fighters were in their typical striking stance ready to take advantage of the first opportunity to pounce. Belfort took that chance, landing a solid punch combo dropping Henderson to the mat. The Brazilian did what he does best and tried to finish the job with lightning-quick strikes on the ground. While it seemed Henderson was on his way up, Belfort landed a solid head kick right on Henderson’s chin, forcing the referee to call the fight in the first round.

Belfort was able to drop Henderson not once, but twice in front of the hometown crowd, which will continue to be a great place to watch him fight. It will be interesting to see who the UFC throws at “The Phenom” next.

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