Yushin Okami: I Must Explore All Aspects Of The Fight

yushin okami

Who is Yushin Okami? That is the first question in this video interview by Paula Sack. Lucky enough the questions get better as the interview goes on.¬†When the two met in 2006, Okami came away with a controversial win. Now the deck is stacked against him as he takes on the world’s best fighter in his home country of Brazil. With few weaknesses to exploit, Okami says he will have to explore all aspects of his game to come away with a victory. Will the Silva era continue or will he be dethroned by a hungry Okami? Find out who takes the world middleweight championship at UFC Rio: Silva vs. Okami, Saturday, August 27, live on Pay-Per-View, 9PM/6PM ET/PT


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