Rampage Jackson: Jon Jones Camp Is Spying On Me

rampage jackson

There is just under a month until Quinton “Rampage” Jackson takes on Jon Jones for his light heavyweight championship. The mind games are beginning to happen for “Rampage” as he feels that the Jones camp is spying on him.

“Rampage” first received word from a friend via Twitter. Once he heard about the spy in Jones’ camp he decided to act on it. He faked a hand injury and just four hours later (according to Rampage) he received a phone call from UFC matchmaker Joe Silva. Silva told him that Jones’ manager Malki Kawa had informed him of a hand injury.

Jackson speaks with Yahoo Sports:

One of my friends was talking to Jon Jones’ manager recently, and Jon Jones’ manager was saying that he knows everything that is going on in our camp. He said he had spies in our camp and he knew everything that was going on. That got me thinking. How did he know about my hand injury that fast? It wasn’t on the Internet, and yet he knew about my hand injury right away. The UFC people were in Brazil, which is why it probably took them four hours to call me. That shows me two things: They have spies in my camp, one, and two, they’re dumb as hell, because they didn’t know how to use the information correctly and to wait. He called right away, running to Joe Silva. Joe Silva called my manager right away. Of course they’re going to say they aren’t doing it, but we’ll put the story out there to the fans and let them decide.”

It is interesting that the camp that is involved in this scandal was the one that gave “Rampage” problems before in his career. Prior to his fight with Rashad Evans at UFC 114, Jackson was told that there was a perpetrator  in the camp that gave info on his injured knee. Both Evans and Jones were a part of the Greg Jackson camp at the time of that incident.

Obviously this could all be misconstrued and Malki Kawa has denied the claims, so what are your thoughts? Does it matter that Jones has this info? Is Rampage just a little paranoid?


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