DREAM NYE Fight Card Update


Dream has officially announced a reserve match for the bantamweight tournament semi finals in case one of the semifinalists can’t compete due to injury as the the NYE event “Genki Desu Ka!” will hold the semi final and final rounds of the bantamweight tournament on the same night.

Hideo Tokoro and Yusup Saadulev are set to fight in bantamweight tournament reserve match, the winner may potentially fight for the bantamweight title, in case one of the finalists cannot compete due to injury or for whatever other reason. These fighter’s were both quarter finalists that lost due to decisions in the bantamweight tournament.

Dream promotions also released a poster ad for the event which strongly suggests there are fights in the making for Sakuraba, Peter Aerts, Jeromme LeBanner and Yuichiro Nagashima (the cross dressing guy who KO’d Shinya Aoki in the modified rules K1/MMA fight) the latter 3 are most likely competing in K1.

Rumours on the internet also suggest that Fedor Emilianenko vs Satoshi Ishii and Brett Rogers vs. Tim Sylvia are also in the making. Though I highly doubt Brett Rogers is going to be able to make it to this event as his attorney’s request to delay the jail time until after December 31st was denied.


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